What's My Line?

Season 9 Episode 49


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 03, 1958 on CBS



  • Notes

    • 1) Tom Poston made quite a lively addition to the panel this Sunday evening! After a lengthy round of questioning surrounding any "special training" that Mr. Cobb might need, John asserts, "We've finally found someone who's more confusing than I am!" A second later, we hear Tom say (jokingly frustrated) "Why do you go through this every week?? What does he do?!?" (LOL! Good try, Tom!) He then asks, "Mr. Cobb, would you give me a flat 'no' on my previous question?" Contestant pauses and sincerely (although humorously) asks, "WHICH previous question?" JD LOVES this and shakes the contestant's hand! This sends TP off the deep end and you see him throw his pad of paper over his shoulder and put his head in his hands with an "I give up" expression on his face!! JD thought that was hilarious! And so did I!
      OHHH! There's also a terrific moment during Round One when TP and JD are both standing, leaning in toward each other, like they're having a face off! (Now boys....)
      2) The ladies on the panel are full of giggles and innuendos tonight. Hooray! Virtually the second after JD announces that DK will start the questioning of Guest #2 she inquires, "Mr. James, do you dance?" He says, "yes." There is a slight pause and Arlene teases, "Now THERE'S a question! What did you have in mind?" Dorothy's expression was SO CUTE and everyone has a good laugh!
      3) Who says Dorothy isn't funny? While questioning the nurse...
      DK: "Do they [people who receive her services] talk to you?"
      RS: "Yes they do."
      DK: "Do you talk back to them?"
      RS: "Yes I do."
      **without skipping a beat**
      DK: "Do you think that's polite?"
      See, she's a riot! - fiveninegal (2003)

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