What's My Line?

Season 10 Episode 1


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 07, 1958 on CBS



  • Notes

    • Wonderful beginning to a brand new season!!! Many laughs were had by all. I must share the hilarious bantering which occurred during the questioning of the fire eater:
      AF: "You classify yourself as an entertainer that goes to parties... and entertains! Well, there you are! I've won!!" (BIG LAUGH FROM EVERYONE)
      JD: "7 down and 94 to go!"
      AF: "Could we have a conference for a minute?"
      JD: "You may have one minute for a conference."
      AF: "What, what, where do we go from there?"
      DK: "Well, it must be something specific that she does. See if she has anything to do with music, like one of those...OH! OH! What about those people, that's usually a man, uhh, I don't wanna give you a bum steer twice in one night Arlene, but you know the ones that call out for square dances?" (it is SO incredibly funny to watch DK when her ruthless game playing instincts emerge!!!)
      AF: "Yes. I know them. (pause) Yup. I'm going to let you HAVE that one!!" (LOL!!!)
      ***Arlene goes on to ask if puppets are involved - she gets a 'no'***
      BC: "Is there any music of any kind used in the entertaining that you do?"
      HS: "Yes."
      BC: "Well, I think Dorothy's on the right track, so...."
      DK: (interrupting) "Watch out Bennett! I'm not hot tonight!"
      BC: "So...I am, I am, I'm going to pass to Dorothy because" (theatre erupts in laughter) "if she's right, I want her to get the credit."
      DK: "Oh Bennett! But, I'm sure I'm wrong! I've been wrong all evening."
      BC: "It's only $5, take a chance!"
      After Miss Straub's profession is told (panel lost), she explains that she does her act while playing either "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" or "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" in the background! HAAAA!
      It's time for the mystery guest. Dorothy asks the first question - and Eva uses a very nasal, very Brooklynish (or Queensish) accent.
      TR: "I know your voice, I think I'd better disqualify myself."
      JD: "Soooo, Miss Francis."
      Arlene and Dorothy protest and want him to stay in the game.
      TR: "The last time you asked me to your house for dinner, did you call up and tell me to bring a pound of butter?"
      JD: "That'll be all, Mr. Randall! Miss Francis."
      DK: "Couldn't we even have the answer to that?"
      AF: "Sounds like a beautiful relationship! Uhhh..."
      TR: "That was a legitimate question."
      AF: "Oh, pardon me! Did you get an answer?"
      EMS: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hear the question. Could you repeat it please?"
      JD: "What was your question..."
      TR: "The last time you..."
      JD: (interrupting) "You disqualified yourself, Mr. Randall, I believe..."
      EMS: "I'm awfully confused."
      JD: "He disqualified himself. (and then jokingly) Please, Mr. Randall, will you keep qui-et?"
      Later when it's his turn again...
      TR: "Am I, am I here?"
      JD: "Mr. Randall, did you disqualify yourself?"
      TR: "I thought I did, but I thought you disqualified my disqualification!"
      JD: "Let me review this whole business....NO, I didn't. Miss Francis."
      FANTASTIC episode! - fiveninegal (2003)