What's My Line?

Season 10 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 09, 1958 on CBS



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    • GOOF: While speaking to Raymond Berry, Bennett pronounced Johnny Unitas' surname as "YOU-na-toss" and not the correct "you-NY-tas." - Suzanne (2005)

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    • FLIP REPORT: In the night's first game, John flipped the remaining cards for the first contestant at two down. Dorothy correctly guessed this contestant's line, but John said that he had a case of "flip-itis," noting that the contestant was a "pretty girl all the way from Brooklyn." In the night's final game, John flipped the remaining cards at just one down and they made a satisfying clunk. John had evidently hoped to keep this game in progress a bit longer, even going so far as to keep the questioning open after Bennett had correctly identified the basic line of "professional football player." - agent_0042 (2009)

    • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: This was the next-to-last "WML?" episode to be sponsored by Helene Curtis.
      (2) CHARLES BOYER: The veteran actor's 1958 filmography was comprised of "Maxime" and "The Buccaneer." The latter movie was notable in that it was directed by Anthony Quinn, and that the executive producer was an uncredited Cecil B. DeMille (Mr. Quinn's father-in-law), in what turned out to be the legendary film producer/director's last motion picture prior to his death in 1959. Mr. Boyer also appeared in two episodes of "Alcoa Theatre" in 1958: "Even a Thief Can Dream" and "The Clock Strikes 12."
      (3) CRYPTIC DOROTHY QUESTION WATCH: During Mr. Boyer's mystery guest round, Miss Kilgallen asked if he were ever at a luncheon at the "Science Club" (of which Dolly Mae was a member; this club met every Friday at a large oval table located at P.J. Clarke's saloon in midtown Manhattan). His response was in the negative. The way Dorothy presented her question was more sprightly than most other times when she put forth such lines of questioning.
      (4) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: For the first time since last year (1957), there was an airline travel arrangements plug; for the first time since EPISODE #236 of December 12, 1954, the airline promoted was United Airlines. However, the "graphic" (which came after the notice of where to send for studio audience tickets) consisted solely of the airline name, set in the typical "last-minute" font. Meanwhile, the production crew credits only go up to the art card slide crediting director Franklin Heller. The ways GSN continued to aggravate its viewing audience with its "crunching" of the screen, however, as on its January 23, 2009 airing of this episode, stretched on to infinity.
      (5) The January 23, 2009 airing of tonight's show was followed by the January 14, 1958 edition of "To Tell the Truth," with host Bud Collyer and the panel (or as Bud calls them, cross-examiners) once again comprised of Polly Bergen, John Cameron Swayze, Kitty Carlisle and Hy Gardner. The first game featured Major W.M.F. Bayliss (a former major of the Queen's Royal Lancers in his native England; a former commodore of the Fishing Bay Yacht Club; and at the time of this "TTTT" episode, a fox hunter in the U.S.) and two impostors; the second game featured ichthyologist, scuba diver and shark authority Dr. Eugenie Clark (whose 1953 book "Lady with a Spear" was once a Book of the Month Club selection) and two impostors; and the third game featured famed bandleader Wayne King ("The Waltz King") and two impostors. - W-B (2009)

    • REVIEW: After the previous week's miserable performance, the panel bounced back in a big way and pulled off a perfecto. Dorothy got things started off with a bang when she guessed that the very attractive lady from Brooklyn was in fact a barber. After the game, John mentioned that she also sang semi-professionally. Dorothy then mentioned the fact that that was how Perry Como got his start as well. Also, John flipped all the cards because, as he jokingly said, she came all the way from Brooklyn. In the second game, it looked as if the panel was going to go down to defeat until Martin correctly guessed that the contestant raised insects for research. In the mystery guest round, Dolly Mae correctly guessed that it was Charles Boyer. Monsieur Boyer was on the show to promote his Broadway play, "The Marriage-Go-Round," which also featured Claudette Colbert and Julie Newmar. John also mentioned Boyer's 1957 film, "La Parisienne," which John said was one of the funniest films he had ever seen. In the final game, Dorothy pretty much opened the door and Bennett correctly guessed that the final contestant was a professional football player. That definitely put a capper on a perfect night. - Sargebri (2005)

      FOOTBALL: As was mentioned in the post game chat after the final game, the Baltimore Colts, which featured Berry as well as a certain quarterback named Johnny Unitas (who didn't play that afternoon) were defeated by the New York Giants 24-21. However, the Colts would get their revenge a few months later in a very big way in the NFL championship game played on December 28, 1958. In that game, the Colts won 23-17 after Alan Ameche scored the winning touchdown in sudden death overtime. That game turned out to be the pivotal moment in the history of the National Football League, as it helped to propel the league into the American consciousness. In the next few years, professional football would become the most popular sport in America. Ironically, even though it was called the greatest game in history, many of those who participated in it just thought of it as just a good game, but in the minds of many it was a classic. - Sargebri (2005)

      RAYMOND BERRY: Baltimore Colts wide receiver, and future Pro Football Hall of Fame member, Raymond Berry, was the final contestant. He had just gotten off the football field at Yankee Stadium a few hours before this episode was broadcast. He had played in a game against the New York Giants. The game was played late in the day, since New York City had a blue law that prevented Sunday games from being played earlier than 2:00 PM. The Giants won with a score of 24-21. - Sargebri (2005)

      RAYMOND BERRY: Raymond Berry was a great football player, and earned his Hall of Fame selection as a wide receiver for the Baltimore Colts. After he retired, he had a strong and successful head coaching career in the NFL with the New England Patriots. He led his team to Super Bowl XX in 1986 where he was unfortunately demolished by the Mike Ditka - Jim McMahon Chicago Bears. - Tom R. (2005)

    • Environmental impact report: No ostriches were harmed in the filming of this episode.
      Did someone make a bet with Dorothy before the show that she couldn't guess every contestant in under 2 cards? She was HOT HOT HOT tonight! Literally no more than $10 was earnestly won. However, out of disgust with the panel, John threw over all the cards anyway!
      5509 CHURCH AVENUE BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, 11203-3717
      If you're a man, lookin' for a good barber, I hear there's a beauty at the aforementioned location. Well, at least she was there in 1958! I don't know what she's up to today. Couldn't hurt though! Good luck! If you find out if the barber shop is still there, please report back! Report back anyway, even if it's a deli! Thanks!
      CHARLES ::heavy sigh:: BOYER
      He's so great, I figured he deserved his name in all caps! His entrance was hilarious! He races in and forgets to sign in! Obscure question award goes to Miss Kilgallen for her query, "Have you ever been a luncheon guest at the Science Club?" Mmmmm Hmmm... Anyway, Dorothy guessed Mr. Boyer OUT OF NOWHERE and explained, "I was beginning to get the voice and, uh, certain other eliminations made it sound rather familiar. I got the vibrations, too!" I found it very interesting (as did John and the audience) that DK was picking up on his voice, since all CB was doing was plugging one side of his nose and projecting a slight grunt. As John pointed out, CB is possibly the only person that could do that with a French accent! Ha!
      During the farewells, Bennett uncharacteristically said only, "Good night John." JD paused for a moment (in surprise) and exclaimed, "Is that ALL you're going to say? Well, Martin got the pun of the night, so perhaps you're feeling a bit quiet. What was your pun, Mr. Gabel?" Cut to Martin who is genuinely confused. He says, in all sincerety, "I do not recall having intentionally made a pun." Too funny!! The pun which John was referring to had been made (in passing) during the questioning of Mr. Mallis. Great show! - fiveninegal (2003)

    • Bennett mentioned that John had done a good job reporting the elections results of last Tuesday. This would be a reference to the elections of November 4, 1958. It was not a presidential election year. One winning candidate was Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, Sr., and he will be a mystery guest on the next episode. - Suzanne (2003)

      Panel: Arlene Francis, Martin Gabel, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf.

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