What's My Line?

Season 10 Episode 15


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 14, 1958 on CBS



  • Notes

    • I really love it when Tom Poston is the guest panelist. He's such a darling man. He plays the game very well and is extremely funny! That "bread basket" joke was heeeelarious! And it MUST have been Steve Allen that passed by Tom as he was emerging onto the stage that evening...if Arlene's introduction is any indication:
      AF: "And now, the man on the streets that all of us would like to bump into, but somehow that is the exclusive privilege of Steve Allen... Mr. Tom Poston."
      It happened so fast!! Even the audience didn't react to it. Very interesting.
      OKAY! On with the show - and what a delightful one it was!! Who would have thought you could have so much fun with a Duke??? The panel figures out that he has something to do with a racetrack, but sets off in another direction. Cue Arlene:
      AF: "Are horses part of the 'bit'?" (Everyone laughs while Bennett is probably thinking, "Darn, that should have been mine!!") AF continues with, "we sort of got off the 'track' a little." (Don't know if that one was intentional - Dorothy points it out and Arlene's expression is CLASSIC!!!) But what got the BIGGEST laugh of the night happened next! Arlene clarifies, "would you have any official capacity at a track or a meeting?" She follows that up with, "I don't know what they call them in England..." to which Dorothy quips, "a tout!!!" This sends EVERYONE on the panel (including John and the Duke) into hysterics. WONDERFUL moment - thank you Miss Kilgallen!!!
      TOUT: a) (British) To spy out information about (as a racing stable or horses), b) To give a tip or solicit bets on (a racehorse).
      Much fun was had during the questioning of Mr. Cohen as well. And I do believe John was trying to give the panel a hint when he walked over to greet the contestant - because he raised his feet and showed off his cowboy boots he was wearing!! Have I mentioned that I love this show??? - fiveninegal (2003)