What's My Line?

Season 10 Episode 23


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 08, 1959 on CBS



  • Notes

      1) Guest #2 (answering Tom's "Do you travel in your work?" query): "Sometimes more than I'd like!" LOL!
      2) DK (trying to clarify her "sudden movements" question): "I mean, is there a certain jerk involved?" BIG LAUGH from the crowd as John stands up and jokes, "Let's keep these conflicts on a high plain!" Be sure to catch DK's laugh after that!
      3) TP: "Do you enter the water from out of the water as part of your entertaining performance?" John squints his eyes and repeats the question and then adds, "If she can find another way to enter the water than from OUT of the water, it'll be the biggest entertainment we ever saw, Tom!" Not to be outdone, Mr. Poston replies, "You let the little lady answer these questions! I don't know if my question now makes any sense. You just distorted it...out of all...reason, John!" And, of course, not to be outdone by Tom, JD retorts, "You remind me of the man who stood in the middle of the road with a rope. He said you had him so confused, he didn't know whether he had lost a mule or found a rope, but go on." At that point, Tom says he's going to leave, and actually stands up and starts to walk out! VERY funny!
      4) When Arlene's turn comes up again, she asks a list of clarifying questions. As an apparant last resort, she finally asks, "Do you have anything to do on horseback? Do you dive?" A couple of audience members applaud and Arlene abruptly stops and gives one of those priceless "stunned" expressions. She is literally dumbfounded! It was hilarious!
      1) First of all, I would like to present the award for Best "Let Me Share My Personal Life With You" question to Miss Dorothy Kilgallen for asking, "Uhh, have I been in the same room with you since midnight last night?" (Hmmm......)
      2) AF: "...you are related in some way, we found that out already?" (yes) "Would it be a deeply emotional relationship such as marriage?"
      MC: "Yes"
      JD: "Mr. Poston."
      TP: "Then I assume that you're not blood kin." BIG LAUGH! "It happens down home!" BIGGER LAUGH! I love it when Tom is a guest panelist!
      Great episode! - fiveninegal (2003)

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