What's My Line?

Season 10 Episode 27


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 08, 1959 on CBS



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    • FLIP REPORT: In the night's first game, John flipped the remaining cards for the first contestant at seven down. He accepted Dorothy Kilgallen's guess of "beauty consultant" to be close enough and didn't make panel dig further for the exact line of "runs charm school for women." In the night's final game, John flipped the remaining cards for the final contestant at seven down, because time ran out. The panel never really came close to guessing this line of "mounts butterflies for museum," which was admittedly a challenging one to figure out. - agent_0042 (2009)

    • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR AND INTRO WATCH: This evening's primary sponsor is Kellogg's cereals. And announcer Hal Simms used the "And now, let's meet our award-winning 'What's My Line?' panel" opening tonight; he will alternate between this and "And now, let's meet our award-winning panel of 'What's My Line?'" for the balance of the year, until the latter is used exclusively up to and including EPISODE #582 of September 24, 1961.
      (2) "WML?" OVERLAY FONT WATCH: Tonight, all overlays are set in Futura Demi Bold, but special mention must be made of two of the overlays. For the first contestant, "Runs Charm School for Women" has underlines below the "Charm School" and "Women" text. For the lower-third overlay of mystery guest Fred MacMurray (who is making his third and final "WML?" appearance on this episode), the "ac" part of his surname was in lower case letters while the remainder was in all capital letters. (As a side note, the cameo of Mr. MacMurray's wife, June Haver, marked her second and final appearance on "WML?")
      (3) LEMMON & MacMURRAY: One year after tonight's show, guest panelist Jack Lemmon and mystery guest Fred MacMurray worked together on another Billy Wilder picture, "The Apartment." The film's other co-star, Shirley MacLaine, never made any appearances on "WML?," but her brother, actor Warren Beatty, was a mystery guest on the first regular color edition of "WML?," EPISODE #830 of September 11, 1966.
      (4) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: After the United Airlines travel arrangements plug, the closing credits only go so far as director Franklin Heller's art card slide before cutting off. But once again, on GSN's February 7, 2009 airing of this episode, was displayed their demoralizing "crunching" of the screen.
      (5) The February 7, 2009 airing of tonight's show by GSN was followed by the May 20, 1958 edition of "To Tell the Truth," hosted by Bud Collyer, with the panel this week assembled as Polly Bergen, Eamonn Andrews, Dana Wynter (making her "TTTT" debut; her appearance on this episode came one month after her two guest panelist appearances on "WML?") and Hy Gardner. The first game featured husband-and-wife steeplejacks Mary Ann and Mr. Lee Quinn and two sets of impostors; the second game featured Francois Rysavy (spelling verified; head chef of the White House) and two impostors; and the third game featured Barry Jones (an Australian high school teacher who won a trip around the world from an Australian radio quiz show) and two impostors. - W-B (2009)

      THE STEEPLEJACKS ON MAY 20, 1958 "TTTT": Lee Quinn and Mary Ann Quinn made a prior appearance on a Goodson-Todman show when they were contestants in the second game of "What's My Line?" EPISODE #311 of May 20, 1956. Their appearances on these game shows were exactly two years apart from one another. - Suzanne (2009)

    • REVIEW: This was a pretty good night for the panel as well as a fairly successful one. In the first game, Dorothy was given partial credit for guessing that the first contestant was a male operator of a charm school, although she said he was a beauty consultant. The fun really picked up in the second game when out stepped the very gorgeous anesthetist from Waco, Texas, who drew a lot of whistles and cheers from the male members of the audience. This wild reception caused John to mention the fact that spring was on its way. As John mentioned, she didn't even need anesthetizing drugs to put guest panelist Jack Lemmon "under," as he was positively transfixed by her the minute she walked on stage. In spite of all the light-headedness, the panel did manage to compose itself long enough for Dolly Mae to correctly guess her line. In the mystery guest round, Jack correctly identified Fred MacMurray, who used an Irish brogue to try to fool the panel. Ironically, Jack and Fred would co-star in the classic 1960 film "The Apartment" a couple of years later. MacMurray was on the show to promote his latest picture for Walt Disney, the classic 1959 canine fantasy "The Shaggy Dog," which also starred Tommy Kirk, Tim Considine and a post-"Mickey Mouse Club" pre-"Beach Party" series Annette Funicello. The audience was further delighted when Fred's lovely wife June Haver stepped out to show that she was curvaceous - but not a blonde. Unfortunately, the panel was denied a perfecto when they failed to guess that the final contestant mounted butterflies for the New York Museum of Natural History. This final game allowed John to show that he knew that a butterfly collector was called a lepidopterist, after Bennett quizzed him on the matter. However, not even the loss of the final game could spoil this great night for the panel. - Sargebri (2005)

      SOME LIKE IT HOT: As Arlene mentioned during her introduction of Jack Lemmon, she thought his latest film, "Some Like It Hot," was about to open. This cross-dressing comedy, which also featured Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis, wound up becoming one of the most popular comedies in the history of motion pictures. In fact, it wound up topping the list of the American Film Institute's 100 Funniest Films of all time. - Sargebri (2005)

      LEMMON AND RANDALL: Jack Lemmon had two things in common with frequent WML guest panelist Tony Randall. One thing is the fact that he, like Tony, always seemed to ask questions that received "no" answers and they both took it well. Also, the two of them would go on to play one of the most memorable characters in the history of films and television, "Felix Unger." Jack played him in the 1968 film "The Odd Couple" and Tony would play him in the classic 1970-1975 television series. - Sargebri (2005)

      MY THREE SONS: Ironically, one question that Arlene asked Fred MacMurray was if he were about to start work on a television series, to which he answered "no." However, if this question were asked a year later, she probably would have gotten a "yes," due to the fact that Fred would be a few months away from starting his classic 1960 to 1972 family sitcom "My Three Sons." Of course, the unique thing about that show was that by the time it aired, Fred was semi-retired and didn't want to be involved in the day-to-day grind of a television series. It was then decided that Fred would film all his close-ups early in the year and would only come in later to film with the rest of the cast if it was absolutely necessary. The rest of the cast would come in later to film their parts. Also, "My Three Sons" was one of the few shows to successfully survive a change in networks. After the 1964-1965 season, the show was cancelled by ABC where it had run for five years. It then was picked up by CBS - the "eye network" - where it ironically ran for an even longer period of time, eight more years, from 1965 to 1972. The combined network runs made it one of the longest-running sitcoms in history as it enjoyed a nice thirteen year run. - Sargebri (2005)

    • YEEEEE HAAAAWWWW! "WML" deserved each and every award it ever won - I love it, love it, love it!! This particular episode is a TERRIFIC example of perfect television.
      AF: "The gentleman I'm about to introduce is soon to be seen in the best comic performance I have ever seen in my cluttered lifetime in an enormously funny picture, Billy Wilder's "Some Like It Hot," Mr. Jack Lemmon!" (I agree with Arlene - Jack is BRILLIANT in that film)
      BC: "And now here's our panel moderator who has something very much in common with a very tough judge in San Francisco that I read about today, they both believe in very long sentences. John Charles Daly."
      The panel was in VERY giddy spirits this evening! Arlene was SO FUNNY!! The fun begins with the first guest. AF: "Do you beautify them (his clients) from the neck up?" (yes) "Would you also beautify them in some way from the neck down?" (yes) Then with a gleam in her eye, she says, "Sounds like a handy little job you have!!" LOL!
      Of course, a terrific episode wouldn't be complete without Miss K being adorable as well.
      DK: "Do you advise women on either how to do their hair or how to dress or how to make up?" (yes) "Would you be considered a beauty consultant?" (yes) Great moment in which Dorothy, at first, looks like she is thinking, "AHA, I got it!" But then, after hearing nothing from John, she probes, "What else do I have to do?" Very cute moment! John gives in and reveals the specific line. He adds that the name of the contestant's charm school is "The Loretta Young Way." Arlene queries, "What is the Loretta Young way, Mr. Reinhart?" There is a long pause, so Dorothy jumps in and jokes, "Pay your money and find out, Arlene!" That got a BIG laugh!!
      DOWN BOY!
      The second contesant was a curvacious (bleached) blonde who elicited many hoots and hollers from the audience.
      AF: "Miss Kuykendall, you work for a profit making organization, don't you?" (no) "You don't?? CRAAAAZY!!" (LOL)
      AF (to BC): "Did you ask, does she perform it more for men than for women?"
      BC: "Yes - she said 'no'."
      AF: "Well, then she's crazy!"
      Next up is Jack....
      JL: "It was probably established in my rattled mind because I haven't been listening as much as looking, but, it has been established that there is physical contact?" (smooth...)
      Okay, next in line, Dorothy...
      A very serious looking DK: "Do you ever administer drugs?" (yes) "Are you ever to be found...." Dorothy gets cut off by Arlene who found that question to be hilarious and let out a huge GUFFAW! Must see for the look on Dorothy's face as she looks over at AF to see what's going on!! And THEN, Arlene's expression! I was laughing just as hard as she was! Miss Francis jokes, "We know what part of the body THAT is!!!" Well, that comment rendered Dorothy completely speechless and she is visibly thrown off. Watch for her very cute laugh while she places her hand to her head to try and get back on track!
      Mr. MacMurray was one of the FUNNIEST mystery guests ever! I've never seen him so animated! He was a scream!! Terrific voice he was using, that of a little old lady! (Although, one could still tell it was a man speaking.).
      Jack asked if he had a picture that was going to open soon to which FM replied, "Yes, I have one that is going to open...that's why I'm here!!" (honest chap!) The panel wasn't too bright in guessing who it was - I believe they were at 5 down and 5 to go when BC queried, "Is the picture that you're going to star in going to open this week along Broadway?" Fred jumps at this with, "Noooo...nooo...it opens on the 19th." That CRACKED John up - and so did Fred's follow-up statement, "As a matter of fact, it's taken you so long, I thought I'd get it in before we got out of here and I wouldn't get it in at all!!" Arlene is next up but she says, "Well, Mr. Lemmon feels he has it - I'm going to pass it to him or the picture will open before we get the show off the air!" LOL!! Fabulous job Mr. MacMurray!!! Note from fiveninegal...attention viewers: Be sure not to miss the 1944 movie "Double Indemnity" in your lifetime. Trust me - it's an utterly brilliant example of perfect filmmaking.
      During the farewells - Bennett looks straight into the camera and announces, "You know, there's a word for a person that mounts butterflies and I'm sure John is going to tell you what it is. John?"
      Cut to John who answers - without missing a BEAT mind you - "A lepidopterist." Totally taken aback, Bennett gives out a huge laugh, which in turn sends Mr. Daly into hysterics. But, John quickly recovers and says to the folks at home, "You see, Bennett publishes a dictionary. This makes him very difficult to get along with sometimes. Thank you Bennett!!"
      Can you feel the love? - fiveninegal (2003)

    • Fred MacMurray promoted his 1959 film, "The Shaggy Dog." June Haver and Fred MacMurray were married from 1954 until his death in 1991. She was shown on camera for a few seconds after Fred's game. She was chatting with the panel. - Suzanne (2003)

      The men on the panel sure went nutty over the second contestant, Bobby Kuykendall. She was a nurse who was an anesthetist. She had very blond hair and very black thick eyebrows, giving her a strange look! The men, however, were interested in her trim, yet curvaceous, figure. Jack Lemmon asked her if she was in orbit... no doubt a reference to her "heavenly body"!!! - Suzanne (2003)

      Panel: Arlene Francis, Jack Lemmon, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf.

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