What's My Line?

Season 10 Episode 43


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 28, 1959 on CBS
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GUEST MODERATOR: Eamonn Andrews (12/19/1922 - 11/5/1987)

Game 1: Mr. Ruby Goldstein (Rueven "Ruby" Goldstein)(10/7/1907 - 4/23/1984) "Prize Fight Referee (Refereed Patterson-Johansson Fight)" (salaried; he officiated at the Patterson-Johansson match; the blindfolded panel guessed his occupation rather quickly; he also appeared as himself in the 1953 film "The Joe Louis Story")

Game 2: Keith L. Gems - "Makes Figures for Wax Museums" (self-employed; he makes wax figures for Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum; from London, England)

Game 3: Red Buttons (2/5/1919 - 7/13/2006) (as Mystery Guest)

Game 4: Miss Becky Swanzy - "Sells False Teeth" (salaried; cute with lots of personality; she works during the summers for her father at the Charlotte Dental Laboratories; she is also a high school student; from Charlotte, NC)

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  • Love this show!

    First I'd like to say how much I am enjoying these shows. I was (just) too young to have known them when they were originally broadcast, and I stumbled on them via YouTube. I'm also pleased to find a community of people devoted to this show and what it represents: how TV could be.

    I loved Eamonn's hardcore moderating! AF: Have we determined if Becky works for a profit-making organization? EA: No, we have not, that's 6 down, 4 to go! BC: Is there a reason we don't know where our guest is from? EA: No, no reason at all, 4 down and 6 to go. MG: If you gave me a "No" based on "could", if I could use it in the future EA (interrupting): You got your "No", brother, that's it! I thought it was a refreshing change from John Daly's excellent, albeit loquacious hosting.moreless
Arlene Francis

Arlene Francis

Regular Panelist (1950-1967)

Bennett Cerf

Bennett Cerf

Regular Panelist (1951-1967)

Dorothy Kilgallen

Dorothy Kilgallen

Regular Panelist (1950-1965)

Eamonn Andrews

Eamonn Andrews

Guest Moderator

Guest Star

Red Buttons

Red Buttons

Mystery Guest

Guest Star

Martin Gabel

Martin Gabel

Guest Panelist

Guest Star

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    • Dorothy Kilgallen: Would-- would you describe yourself as a leading man type? (laughter from audience)
      Red Buttons: I'd like to think of myself that way.
      Eamonn Andrews: That's a long way of saying no. That's three down and seven to go. (loud laughter from audience)
      Red Buttons: That's the short way of saying no.

  • NOTES (4)

    • MYSTERY GUEST RED BUTTONS: In tonight's mystery challenger round, Red Buttons (born Aaron Chwatt) was unduly modest when denying he was a singer. Only six years before this appearance, he had two hit records that he co-wrote, "The Ho Ho Song" and "Strange Things are Happening," both aimed at children and both available to be heard on youtube.com even today. In the post-game chat, reference was made to his academy award for "Sayonara" as "Best Supporting Actor." In the ensuing years, he received two Golden Globe nominations in the same category, for "Harlow" in 1965 and for "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" in 1969. That's pretty good for a man whose main profession was that of stand-up comedian. With Jack Benny signing in the week before as "Jascha Heifetz," it brings to mind that on Red Buttons' next "WML?" appearance, he signed in as "Blue Zippers." - brklnbern (2009)

      REFEREE RUBY GOLDSTEIN, PART I: Ruby Goldstein was the referee at the then-recent 1959 Patterson-Johannson contest, but he was so much more than that. His first career was as an outstanding lightweight and middleweight boxer, nicknamed and billed as the famed "Jewel of the Ghetto." After retirement, he went on to become the most revered boxing referee of all time, presiding over what is still today a record 39 world championship contests. Among those who participated in those 39 contests were Tony Zale, Rocky Graziano, Sugar Ray Robinson, Floyd Patterson, Jersey Joe Walcott, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano. Goldstein's last championship bout was the 3rd Emile Griffith-Benny "Kid" Paret fight in 1962, which resulted in Paret being battered and knocked out, dying some ten days later. Though some thought Goldstein should have stopped the contest sooner than he did, there were many outside factors leading to this tragedy. Though few actually blamed Goldstein for this unfortunate occurrence, he took it so hard he never again accepted an assignment to referee a bout. So well thought was Goldstein as both fighter and referee, he is today a member of three separate athletic Halls of Fame. - brklnbern (2009)

      REFEREE RUBY GOLDSTEIN, PART II: When Ruby Goldstein was on as the first contestant, the questioning began with Arlene Francis. This was possibly deliberate, as that put Martin Gabel, the great sports fan, in the fourth questioning position. However, if it was indeed deliberate, it was to no avail, because both Arlene and Bennett (who made the actual identification) immediately zeroed in on sports. Apparently, living with a sports aficionado had an effect on Arlene, as she later mentioned quite correctly that Goldstein was known as "The Jewel of the Ghetto" during his prior career as a very talented and popular boxer. - brklnbern (2009)

      SEEING RED: When the second contestant, Keith L. Gems, signed in, Eamonn Andrews quite correctly remarked as to the coincidence of contestant number one being a "Ruby" and contestant number two being named "Gems." However, Mr. Andrews failed to follow through when contestant number three happened to be named "Red," thus giving us: Ruby, a gem that is red in color. - brklnbern (2009)

      GUEST HOST EAMONN ANDREWS: Guest emcee Eamonn Andrews interestingly kept asking the viewing audience to avail themselves of the option of covering their eyes as the contestants' occupations were revealed on the screen. Presumably, this was the way it was done in jolly old England, but it was not the custom employed by John Daly. This seems particularly interesting, as originally, the plan had been not to reveal the contestants' occupations and to have the audience guess along. Fortunately, this option was shelved early on as research showed that it tended cause the audience to lose interest, and it also would have done away with the audience's appreciation of much of the humor that flowed form the unintentional confusion and remarks made by panel members in their pursuit of discovering the occupations involved. - brklnbern (2009)

      FLIP REPORT: Tonight, guest chairman Eamonn Andrews did not increase any dollar amounts won by flipping cards for any of the contestants. - agent_0042 (2009)

    • (1) BENNETT'S INFLUENCE? - After the second contestant, Keith L. Gems, signs in, Eamonn, making a reference to the previous contestant, comments, "It's a little bit odd to say goodbye to Ruby and meet Gems, isn't it?"
      (2) BACK ON THE ROLLERCOASTER: On the plus side, the closing "Rollercoaster" theme music has returned. This music was heard in the 2005 GSN airing but was obscured by the "credits crunch" procedure (which also removes the original vintage audio) in the 2009 airing.
      (3) "WML?" SPONSOR AND ANNOUNCER WATCH: For this, the last of four shows to be hosted by someone other than John Charles Daly, the chief sponsor is Kellogg's. And on announcer Hal Simms' intro, not only was the "award-winning panel of 'What's My Line?'" variant used, but it was the first time since 1955 that his intro for Dorothy ended as "...in papers coast to coast." In the period since 1955-1956, after the reference to Miss Kilgallen's home paper, the New York Journal-American, was struck from the intro, Mr. Simms and his predecessor, Lee Vines, concluded the wording of the intro for the "Voice of Broadway" columnist with "...in papers from coast to coast."
      (4) A LITTLE ERROR: In his intro of guest moderator Eamonn Andrews, Bennett was correct in stating that Mr. Andrews had been the "chairman" of the British version of "WML?" for the previous eight years (the BBC's version premiered in 1951), but erred in his assertion that Mr. Andrews' time as a "WML?" moderator had lasted longer than Mr. Daly's.
      (5) FIRST GUEST: The first contestant, boxing referee Ruby Goldstein, was no stranger to Goodson-Todman at the time of tonight's show. He had appeared alongside two impostors on the September 3, 1957 edition of "To Tell the Truth."
      (6) "WML?" OVERLAY FONT WATCH: Second contestant Keith L. Gems' "Makes Figures for Wax Museums" overlay was set in the "last-minute" font; all other overlays for the night (including the lower-third overlay for mystery guest Red Buttons) were set in the usual Futura Demi Bold.
      (7) RED BUTTONS: Besides the theatrical motion picture "The Big Circus," Mr. Buttons was in two TV productions in 1959. The first was a "Playhouse 90" presentation called "A Marriage of Strangers," written by Reginald Rose and originally aired May 14, 1959; among the co-stars were Joan Blondell (who was a mystery guest on the now-lost "WML?" EPISODE #22 of October 29, 1950), Diana Lynn (who never appeared on "WML?," but was on two other G-T shows in 1953, "The Name's the Same" and "I've Got a Secret"), and Gina Gillespie (whose credits included the role of the younger sister of the title character of the 1964-1965 sitcom "Karen," the theme song of which was sung by The Beach Boys). Red's second TV appearance of 1959 was the December 1, 1959 edition of "Startime" (aka "Lincoln-Mercury Startime"), a play titled "Something Special," which co-starred onetime "WML?" mystery guest Jack Carson and a former guest panelist, Jeannie Carson (no relation).
      (8) GSN AIRDATE HISTORY AND "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: GSN's regular rotation airings of this significant episode took place on August 23, 2003; October 6, 2005; and February 22, 2009. After the travel arrangements plug for United Airlines, tonight's end credit sequence went no further than executive producer Gil Fates' card. While the 2003 and 2005 airings allowed viewers to appreciate the return of the closing "Rollercoaster" theme, GSN's February 22, 2009 airing of this episode blotted out the vintage audio on top of their usual (and tiresome) "crunching" of the screen.
      (9) The February 22, 2009 airing of tonight's show by GSN was followed by the January 6, 1959 edition of "To Tell the Truth" with host Bud Collyer and the panel of Polly Bergen, Ralph Bellamy, Kitty Carlisle and Hy Gardner. This was Mr. Bellamy's first appearance on "TTTT" since December 17, 1957 -- and the last panel appearance of Mr. Gardner that is allowed to be shown by GSN, because the final three "TTTT" episodes that the New York Herald-Tribune columnist appeared in -- January 13, 1959; January 27, 1959; and his very last regular appearance on February 10, 1959 -- were all sponsored by a cigarette manufacturer, thus putting those episodes in the cross hairs of the cable and satellite channel's self-appointed ban on vintage cigarette advertising. The first game featured Murray Rose (a swimmer who won three gold medals in the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia, and subsequently took home gold, silver and bronze medals in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy) and two impostors; the second game featured actor Bill Thompson (who came under the guise of Danish "Count Karl Hansen"; he was a co-star of the radio series "Fibber McGee and Molly," and while it wasn't mentioned in his affidavit on this "TTTT" episode, he was also the voice of the cartoon basset hound "Droopy") and two impostors; and the third game featured Miss Keun Oh Kim (a former captain in the Korean Air Force who was a panelist on the Korean version of "What's My Line?"; she subsequently appeared as a contestant on the U.S. "WML?" EPISODE #674 of July 28, 1963, as well as appearing very briefly on the February 18, 1963 edition of "I've Got a Secret") and two impostors. - W-B (2005, updated 2009)

    • WELCOME HOME DOLLY MAE!!! Dorothy picked a somewhat historic night for her return from her European vacation, as for only the fourth time in the history of "What's My Line?," John Charles Patrick Croghan Daly was forced to miss a broadcast due to his duties as a newsman. Ably filling in for John was his counterpart, the host (or as he was known in England, the chairman) of the British version of WML, frequent guest panelist Eamonn Andrews. Eamonn did a great job in keeping the panel in line, and it really showed in the final game. In the first game, Arlene opened the door wide open for Bennett, who correctly guessed that the first mystery guest was former boxer, now referee, Ruby Goldstein, who had just worked the first Patterson/Johansson fight. After the game, Goldstein talked about his career and he also discussed the forthcoming book on his life, "Third Man in the Ring." In the second game, the panel was utterly stumped by the maker of wax statues. They rebounded nicely, though, in the true mystery guest round as Martin correctly guessed that it was comedian, and Oscar winner, Red Buttons. Red was on the show to promote his latest picture "The Big Circus." He also talked about his recent appearance on "Playhouse 90" as well. However, as tame and genteel as Eamonn was in the first three games, he was very brutal on the panel as they tried to guess what the young girl from Charlotte, North Carolina did. All the while having fun, Eamonn showed that he could even be more brutal than John, which caused Arlene to exclaim "IT'S MURDER." As for the game itself, the panel failed to figure out that Becky sold false teeth. When the carnage was over, the panel definitely was glad that John was coming home the next week - and that the next time that Eamonn would be there - he would be on their side of the stage. - Sargebri (2005)

      COME PLAY ALONG: One thing that Eamonn Andrews does that is very different from John Daly is that he actually suggests that the home audience close their eyes or turn away if they want to play along at home. Most likely, this is what he also suggests on the BBC UK version of WML. - exapno (2005)

    • WELCOME BACK DOLLY MAE!! She looks marvelous!

      During the introductions, Bennett mistakenly reports that Eamonn Andrews has been "chairman" of WML in England for 8 years, "longer than John Daly." Never fear, the rest of the panel quickly corrects him!

      A siren is heard on the streets of NY during Guest #2.

      Red Buttons was so cute! When asked about his new movie, "The Big Circus" he joked, "I don't like to talk about it, but it's a wonderful, wonderful motion picture and I'm just...I'm superb in this movie. I don't like to bring it up, but if they go and see it, I'm sure they certainly would enjoy it."
      Martin Gabel queries: "Are you going to win another Academy Award, Red?" to which RB responds, "Well, we've been thinking about it." BIG LAUGH!!

      Martin disputes a "no" and Eamonn says firmly, "You got your 'no', brother!!"
      Later, Dorothy asks the final contestant, "COULD you give it as a gift?" Eamonn says, "no" and explains, "You could, but you wouldn't." Dorothy quickly asserts, "But I only said COULD, Eamonn." She then looks at the other panelists and declares, "He's REALLY worse than John!!"
      In spite of Dorothy's lament, Mr. Andrews did a terrific job! - fiveninegal (2003)

      The guest host, Eamonn Andrews, was the moderator of the U.K. version of What's My Line? from 1951-1963. Bennett mentioned that in England, the host position is referred to as the "chairman." Eamonn has also appeared on this U.S. show several times as a guest panelist. This is only the fourth show John Daly has been absent from since WML went on the air in 1950! Mr. Daly was in Tokyo, Japan, and returns next week. Eamonn did an excellent job! He ran a "tight ship" and there were many laughs to be had! - Suzanne (2003)

      Arlene's current play, "Once More, With Feeling," is currently at the Westport Country Playhouse, in Westport, Connecticut. - Suzanne (2003)

      Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Martin Gabel, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.