What's My Line?

Season 11 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 06, 1959 on CBS



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    • FLIP REPORT: Tonight, John did not increase any dollar amounts won by flipping cards for any of the contestants. - agent_0042 (2009)

    • (1) BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN & ERIN GO BRAGH: After skipping tonight's show in 2005 for the Halloween special, GSN aired this episode in regular rotation on March 17, 2009 -- which fell on St. Patrick's Day.
      (2) "WML?" SPONSOR, ANNOUNCER AND PANEL WATCH: It's now been seven straight weeks that Sunbeam has sponsored the show without a break; on this night, the "award-winning panel of 'What's My Line?'" variation is once again used during the intro by substitute announcer Bern Bennett. And the little controversy (courtesy Bennett Cerf) notwithstanding, this was British-born Joan Collins' "WML?" debut -- and her only turn as a guest panelist, among the total three times the future "Dynasty" co-star was on the program. It was also Martin Gabel's third "WML?" appearance without his lovely wife Arlene Francis; the complete list of his "solo" turns can be found in the notes to EPISODE #340 of December 9, 1956.
      (3) ART CARNEY: At the time of his mystery guest appearance tonight, Mr. Carney was headlining a series of specials on "another network" (aka NBC) titled "The Art Carney Show," whose producer was onetime "WML?" guest panelist David Susskind. One such special was a production of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" which aired on November 13, 1959.
      (4) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: Following the United Airlines plug, the end credits tonight once again only go up to the art card for associate producers Bob Bach and Ann Kaminsky. And while St. Patrick's Day provides the ultimate opportunity for such things as drinking green beer and indulging in the greeting "Top o' the Morning" at every opportunity, GSN's intoxicating "credits crunch" on its March 17, 2009 airing of this episode was yet another piece of blarney served up by the cable and satellite channel.
      (5) Following the March 17, 2009 airing of tonight's show, GSN ran the October 29, 1959 edition of "To Tell the Truth," with host Bud Collyer and the panel of Polly Bergen, Robert Q. Lewis, Kitty Carlisle and Tom Poston. The first game featured the married couple of Harmon Loveless and Lola Loveless (spelling verified; both of whom have an identical twin, and their twins are married to each other, making two identical twin sisters who married two identical twin brothers; their married twins are named Herman Loveless and Lela Loveless; for 10 years, the four twins toured as a singing group; they all live together in one house that they jointly own; the men are now back at their former occupations, veterinarians for the U.S. Department of Agriculture; after the game, Herman and Lela appeared and stood on the stage with Harmon and Lola) and two sets of impostors; the second game featured Nadia Sakal (spelling approximate; a multilingual guide at the United Nations) and two impostors; and the third game featured Cadet George T. Nolde (spelling verified; the chief falconer for the U.S. Air Force Academy; he handles the care and training of 8 falcons, which is the school's mascot) and two impostors. - W-B (2009)

    • GSN'S 2005 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: This episode was seen on GSN on September 16, 2003. On October 29, 2005, which would have been the next "regular rotation" broadcast, GSN did not air this episode. Four episodes of "WML?" were skipped to air GSN's 2005 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. Instead, the following shows were seen on the following dates. - Suzanne (2005)

      10/29/2005 = EPISODE #460
      10/30/2005 = EPISODE #536
      10/31/2005 = EPISODE #341
      and a "double bill"
      11/01/2005 = EPISODE #405
      11/01/2005 = EPISODE #224

    • BENNETT'S FAUX PAS - PART I: A young and beautiful Joan Collins subbed for Arlene Francis. Before introducing John Daly, Bennett Cerf commented that the panel was "getting prettier each week." Arlene's husband Martin Gabel was present on the panel and said, "Oh, I don't know." It was a tense little moment for WML. - chromatica (David) (2003)

      BENNETT'S FAUX PAS - PART II: I was glad to hear Martin Gabel "defend" Arlene by interjecting his comment. He's usually so shy! I'm sure Bennett realized he should not have said what he did, and had only good intentions when he said it. During the goodbyes, he tried to soften his comments by stating that he hoped Arlene returned soon! - Suzanne (2003)

      THE POGO STICK: In 1919, the pogo stick was patented by U.S. inventor George B. Hansburg at age 32. This toy is a "bouncing metal stick" with two footpads and a spring. Thousands of children hopped up and down on pogo sticks in the 1920s and beyond. In addition, the pogo stick was the basis of a dance number in The Ziegfeld Follies. George Hansburg was born on 10-24-1888 and died on 12-3-1975 in Miami, Florida, at age 87. - Suzanne (2003)

      Joan Collins (b. 5/23/1933)

      Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Martin Gabel, Joan Collins, Bennett Cerf.

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