What's My Line?

Season 11 Episode 22


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 31, 1960 on CBS

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  • A very entertaining show!


    Both the contestants had interesting occupations. Stanley Kramer (1913-2001), the distinguished motion picture producer director, does a good job as guest panelist.

    During the introductions, Dorothy says she has to tell us news so sad that it almost brings her to tears. What could be so horrible? Bennett is going on a month's vacation!

    In round one the panel dances around the dentist nun's occupation, not quite getting it. Some of the questions elicited laughter, as when Dorothy asks, "Are children happy to come to you?" With nine down and one to go, Bennett finally gets it. Then the normally gracious John makes a very rare tactless blunder. With the sweet little nun still at his side, he admits that he's dreading his own upcoming dentist appointment. Then,
    realizing his gaffe, he quickly takes it back, explaining that his dentist is very good one.

    Round two is even more entertaining. The pickle packer's occupation is humorous in itself, but the panel's questions are even funnier. Arlene asks, "Would I have this product out showing if guests were coming?" When the audience titters and the guest hesitates, Arlene adds with a wicked grin, "I show quite a LOT of things when I have guests!" Then Dorothy wants
    to know "if living people eat it." John exclaims in mock horror, "I've not seen a dead one eat it!"

    Just as it seems the panel is about to guess correctly, Dorothy asks, "Would it ever be dipped in butter or served with butter sauce?" The audience explodes with laughter. Finally, an exasperated John to buries his face in the contestant's shoulder. He declares that for the sake of his own equilibrium, he's ending the round.

    Mystery guest Nelson Eddy (1901-1967) enters to wildly enthusiastic cheers and applause. The handsome singing actor is best known for a series of lavish movie musicals he starred in with Jeanette MacDonald. Eddy disguises his famous baritone with a high, squeaky "old geezer" voice that prompts Dorothy to ask, "Are you a singer? Because you're hurting your voice if you
    are!" Stanley Kramer says, "May I ask, and this is just my own
    peculiarity, if you have ever played on the Strip in California? Arlene quips, "Oh, is THAT your peculiarity?" Finally Bennett guesses Eddy's identity - his second win of the night - and Kramer admits that with that voice "I almost went with Jeanette MacDonald myself!"

    The panel asks Eddy to "comb your hair like Kookie" and Eddy gamely complies. (Kookie was a wildly popular teen heartthrob character from the TV detective series "77 Sunset Strip." His trademark was pulling out a comb to groom his wavy hair. His popularity even inspired a hit record, "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb.")

    Finally, John pays tribute to Eddy by warmly declaring, "We'll all
    remember Rio Rita, The Merry Widow and Rose Marie." Actually Eddy appeared only in the last-mentioned film. Is this another gaffe on John's part? If so, Eddy graciously overlooks it as he exits to more applause.