What's My Line?

Season 11 Episode 23


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 07, 1960 on CBS

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  • Game 4, Judy Joye

    She was my aunt, mothers sister, real name Judy Silverstein. First woman to be certified for deep water diving, friends with Hugh Downs, popular television host and fellow diver. She always brought us home interesting finds and was interesting person. She raised Venus Fly Traps in a window box in her apartment in NYC. Had a pet kinkajou from South America. Miss her lots.
  • Maria Callas????

    The last contestant, the skin diver looks exactly like the way soprano Maria Callas looked in the late 1950s.
  • Wow my dad was on this show!

    Don Brown was on 10th Anniversary show cool is that!
  • 10th Anniversary Show Was Enjoyable

    After the customary opening animation, The panel is shown already seated. This may have been done so that guest panelist Martyn Green, who was an amputee, would not be shown walking with a prosthetic leg.

    Another unusual thing is that John cues the first commercial by saying, "and here's Dennis James speaking for Kellogg" He doesn't usually mention the sponsor.

    John looks a bit tired at first, but perks up later in the show. Dorothy is in very good form. Guest panelist Martyn Green plays the game adequately, but makes little impression. Martin Gabel fills in for the vacationing Bennett and does a capable job as usual, but his wife is the real star of this episode.

    Arlene is a joy to watch. She's full of energy and bursting with wit and charm. Maybe it's the bling-bling. She's wearing a heavy, shiny necklace which reflects a lot of light and is rather distracting. (Her trademark heart pendant is also visible.)

    The first contestant, a young man who heads the physical education department of a women's college, is a real charmer. After the panel figures out his line (but not the gender of his students), John flips the cards. When John mentions the name of the college, the ever-alert Dorothy cries out in disbelief, "Excuse me, but isn't Loretto Heights a GIRL'S school?"

    The next contestant is a middle-aged woman who makes horse blankets. The panel gets hung up after determining that the product is made from a vegetable, leading to a lot of funny comments reminiscent of the previous episodes's pickle packer segment. Green, who professes ignorance of farm animals, nevertheless scores a bullseye when he guesses that the product is used for horses. At the end of the round, Arlene scolds John for using the word "indigenous." ("Don't you ever use it again! Naughty, naughty!"). Dorothy, always the journalist, wants to know which vegetable is used in the product (it's cotton).

    Mystery challenger Julie Andrews, wearing a full-length gown and elbow length gloves, looks fabulous and is a delightful guest. She answers “yup” and “nope” in a midwestern twang. The panel gets a "nope" to the question, "Are you known for your work in movies?" (This is about to change, of course.)

    Arlene gets a big laugh by asking Andrews, "Have you hair?" (when a hair color question got no immediate response). Dorothy tells Andrews that "Professor ‘iggins did a wonderful job on you because your American accent is perfect.”

    The final contestant, a lady skin diver, is dressed in a satiny gown with sparkling chandelier earrings. Her entrance draws whistles. John comments drily, "This continuous celebration of our anniversary is most touching!" The skin diver looks more like a night club entertainer, which leads the panel astray.

    I would rate this a fairly typical entry in the series, enjoyable but not outstanding.