What's My Line?

Season 11 Episode 33


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Apr 17, 1960 on CBS

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  • Aside from the hats and the rule change, this was a fairly routine entry in the series.

    It's Easter Sunday, and Arlene and Dorothy are decked out on their best bonnets. Dorothy is wearing a small, close-fitting 50's model reminiscent of Pat Nixon or Mamie Eisenhower. Arlene's tower of flowers is a preview of the more flamboyant styles of the 60's. (What are those things sticking out of the top? Chopsticks?) The always-reliable Martin Gabel once again serves as guest panelist.

    I thought it was interesting how John brings up the rule change. He says that if a Polaris missile can be launched from under the water, well then, by golly, "What's My Line?" can change the rules after eleven years. This comment is unintentionally revealing. Gil Fates has written that John was stubbornly opposed to any changes to the show and would threaten to quit whenever Fates proposed ways to freshen up the format. No wonder, then, that in John's mind a minor rule change carries the same weight as the launch of a weapon of mass destruction!

    Another thing that's interesting in this episode is how often John has to overrule the contestants' answers. Alex Pompez, the S.F. Giants talent scout, thinks that (a) he works for a non-profit organization; (b) his services are no more useful to men than to women; and (c) his work takes him near the United Nations Building. Mrs. Stachewicz, the egg breaker, thinks that her product can be both eaten and worn!

    During the baseball segment, John mentions that "Toots Shor [proprietor of a famous New York sports hangout] says the Giants are going to win the pennant this year." Wrong! The Pittsburgh Pirates won that year. Forty-five years later, the Giants have yet to win a World Series. Bennett is the star of this round. He narrows the line down to baseball, then with an astonished expression he says, "Now what?" then flashes a wide grin. He is so adorable!

    Some of the questions in Mrs. Stachewicz's round invoke hilarity because they're so hard to answer, such as, "Is this product more liquid than solid?" and "Has this product or any part of it ever been alive?" Even poor John is stumped.

    Comedian Jonathan Winters disguises his voice in different ways during the mystery guest segment. He alternates a macho cowboy twang with his high "Maude Frickett" voice. During this round, Dorothy gets robbed! She asks Winters if he has made records and gets a no. After Winter's identity is revealed, Dorothy calls him on the carpet. She knows that he has made a record. He explains that it was an LP, and he thought she was referring to 45's.

    I wouldn't call this a great episode by any means, but it had a few nice moments.