What's My Line?

Season 11 Episode 34


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Apr 24, 1960 on CBS

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  • Bob Cummings stumps the panel with his repertoire of comic accents.

    Acclaimed comedian, actor and songwriter Adolph Green (1914-2002) is the guest panelist. He seems comfortable and relaxed and is better than average at the game. Arlene introduces Bennett as “the happiest publisher in the world today.” She may have been referring to Random House’s 1960 acquisition of the Alfred A. Knopf Co., a major merger in the publishing world. Bennett in turn salutes John, who has just won a Peabody Award. Daly graciously mentions that Arlene, too, has received a Peabody for “Family Living” on NBC Radio. He explains to the audience that winning a Peabody is a great honor, broadcasting's equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize.

    The first round is a lot of fun! Robert Hewitt makes ladies’ garters. Dorothy seems particularly feisty during this round. After one of her questions John raises his eyebrows at the contestant’s answer. She then demands an explanation of why John looks dubious! He’s not giving out any free information, no sir! All he’ll tell her is, “People say I look odd all the time.” Then, when John is once again perplexed by a question, he mutters, “This is very difficult.” “YOU think it’s difficult? Dorothy shoots back. “You know what it IS!” (Down, girl, down!)

    Arlene deserves credit for the funniest question of the night. Having learned that the product is something worn under the clothing, she smiles coyly and with a twinkle in her eye inquires, “Does it hold something IN rather than UP?” Everyone laughs. Bennett, on the other hand, has the worst joke(?) of the night. On correctly guessing “garters,” he cries, “Garterdammerung!” Oh, Bennett! (Gotterdammerung is a Wagner opera. The audience didn’t get it and the joke fell flat.) At the end of the round, John explains that the contestant is a cousin of Don Hewitt, who directed CBS news programs and would later go on to produce “60 Minutes.”

    The second round is over quickly. Contestant Grace Luce, an elderly lady, works as a paperhanger. She appears to be a week late for Easter in her flowered hat and corsage. Because of her age (74), John is very solicitous toward, her, taking her hand and then guiding her to her seat. After Dorothy guesses her line, she admits she herself has tried to hang wallpaper. As Mrs. Luce exits, John compliments her, saying, "You look very lovely tonight." (Awwww!)

    Tonight's mystery guest is Bob Cummings (1908-1990), star of the TV situation comedy “The Bob Cummings Show.” He speaks in a falsetto voice with a German accent. ("Ja, ja!”) The disguise evidently is painful, for he comically grimaces and clutches his throat a lot. Later he switches between accents, which confuses the panel. Arlene comments that Cummings “sounds like one person with five heads.” The panel doesn't guess him, but he's so much fun to watch. There's no time left to chat after the round, so we don’t get to find out about Cummings' upcoming trip to Russia. Bob kisses Dorothy, turns toward the audience and mouths the word “Wow!” as he exits. Cute!