What's My Line?

Season 11 Episode 40


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 05, 1960 on CBS



  • Notes

    • Although his appearance was brief, lasting only three minutes, Bobby Darin used several good impersonations of various actors while answering the panel's questions. Among the voices he impersonated were W.C. Fields, Walter Brennan and Cary Grant. Arlene Francis started the questioning, and then she guessed his identity by the time her turn rolled around again. Once he was identified as a "teenage idol," it did not take the panel long to figure out this very popular mystery guest. Bobby promoted his appearance at the "Copa" (Copacabana) in New York City. During the post-game chat, John mentioned that his children were fans of Bobby's, and loved the song "Mack The Knife." Arlene then asked Bobby to "sing a few bars" of "Mack The Knife." After answering a few more post-game questions, Bobby asked John if Arlene's request was allowed. Bobby then asked if he could sing on the way out, by asking, "Can I say good night this way?" John answered "yes" and said that anything was allowed on What's My Line? So, Bobby began singing and snapping his fingers while seated next to John. He then stood up, turned to the camera, struck a pose, continued snapping his fingers in his usual energetic style, while singing his legendary ballad "Mack The Knife" while strolling toward the panel. He then stopped singing and shook hands with each panel member. As he walked off stage, he started singing again, which made John smile. Even though his time was short, it was very entertaining! - Suzanne and Tina MacGregor (2003)

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