What's My Line?

Season 11 Episode 40


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 05, 1960 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • John: See if anyone can come up with the right word. I'm going to turn all the cards over anyway.
      Mel: Grinds it?
      Bennett: Grows it?
      Dorothy: Packs it?
      John: No, Dorothy got it really. She participates in the making of it, but there is one particular verb that if you are an old tobacco chewer, it would come to you, and you all are.
      Dorothy: Cuts it?
      Mel: Plugs it?
      John: No!
      Arlene: I'm out of it, I never had any.
      (laughter from audience)
      John: Actually, it's a word. When I say it, you'll remember it out of your childhood. Twists - she twists the tobacco. You buy it by the twist sometimes, don't you? You say, 'Give me a twist,' and then the fellow takes you by the head and boing! you're looking the other way. You see what I mean? Because he didn't know it was tobacco.

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