What's My Line?

Season 11 Episode 51


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 21, 1960 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: John makes a rare verbal goof in this episode. Going into the second commercial, he says, "We'll be back after this alternate word - or rather - this word from our alternate sponsor." After they return from the break and are saying their goodbyes, Bennett, with a straight face, teases John by saying, "...and an alternate good night to you, John." - Garrison Skunk (2005)

  • Quotes

    • Dorothy: May I assume you were born in the United States?
      Buddy: (sounding like an old man) Ya, I was born in United States over 700 years ago.

    • Alan: Why aren't we friends anymore?
      Buddy: Because I knew you were going to guess me, you rat.

  • Notes

    • REVIEW: This was a really good night for the panel as they had something they hadn't had in quite a while, a perfecto. In the first game, Bennett was given credit for a correct guess as he figured out that Major White and Mr. Walker had something to do with the highly successful X-15 project. In fact, Joseph Walker set the record for fastest recorded flight speed and Major White set the altitude record. In the second game, Arlene correctly figured out that the contestant had something to do with pizza, but once again it, was her next door neighbor from Mount Kisco, Bennett, who correctly figured out that the contestant tested them. In the mystery guest round, the panel was at their best as guest panelist Alan King correctly identified future WML semi-regular panelist Buddy Hackett. During the post game chat, Buddy talked about his recent stint on Arthur Godfrey's show. It was fun to see Buddy and Alan take jibes at each other and it was also humorous to watch Alan, in a playful way, slap Buddy. However, what really made the evening fun was seeing the usually unflappable John Charles Daly make a goof as he introduced the alternate sponsor. This was all the ammo Bennett needed to needle his old sparring partner and it was a great way to close a very successful night. - Sargebri (2005)

      KILGALLEN WATCH!!! Dorothy looked somewhat disheveled and her speech is somewhat slurred tonight. Of course, this could be seen as the first signs of the substance abuse problems that would plague her until her untimely death in November 1965. Also, a few months after this broadcast, Dolly Mae would enter the LeRoy Sanitarium supposedly due to a bout with pneumonia. However, it would later be revealed that it she actually had gone there in the first attempt to try to combat her problems. - Sargebri (2005)

      (1) As with his earlier stint as a guest panelist on EPISODE #523, Alan King's full name is shown on the panel desk.
      (2) During the end credits, the card for the technical and lighting directors is shown way off center, revealing a dark outer frame to the right which indicates that it is a slide which was not properly positioned by the production staff. - W-B (2005)

      An interesting fact about Arlene Francis with regard to her radio program, which will run on New York radio station WOR until 1983, is that in the first three years of her run with the radio show, Arlene was a station mate of fellow "WML?" panelist Dorothy Kilgallen, who was still co-hosting the daily morning program "Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick" with her husband Richard "Dick" Kollmar. The details on the 1963 demise of Dorothy's radio show can be found in the notes for EPISODE #656. Also, in the final years of the 1968-1975 syndicated run of "WML?" on which Arlene was a panel regular, an occasional panelist would be another onetime WOR radio personality, Sherrye Henry. - W-B (2005)

    • Tidbits: Arlene Francis has a new radio program. She voluntarily disqualified herself for the first game because she had spoken with the two test pilots on her new program. - Suzanne (2003)

      Panel: Arlene Francis, Alan King, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf.

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