What's My Line?

Season 12 Episode 7


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Oct 16, 1960 on CBS



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    • The opening for this episode was a very unusual one due to the fact that the panel was already seated and that they didn't introduce each other. John explained that due to a special program following WML, this episode would be only 25 minutes long and that they would have to rush to finish. Unfortunately, the rushed nature of the show probably played a role in the poor performance of the panel. In the first game, they were utterly stumped by the lady bowler. In fact, the closest they ever got to figuring out what she did was discerning that she performed in front of an audience. The second game was just as bad as the panel failed to figure out that the young sailor tested parachutes for the United States Navy. In the mystery guest round, the panel was really stumped by Bennett's good friend Danny Kaye. Interestingly enough, this was Danny's first appearance on live television and he made the most of it by cutting up while the panel was blindfolded. After the game, he told a good-natured fib when he said that he agreed to come on the show only if he could lie. He also was joking when he said that Bennett's wife, Phyllis, had threatened to spill the beans. Danny's appearance really helped to ease the pain the panel had for going "0" for the night. - Sargebri

    • Interestingly enough, a blindfolded Tony asked Danny if people were ever confused and thought that Danny was Tony. Tony's reasoning for this was that many people often mistook Tony for Jack Lemmon. Tony had thought that maybe Jack was the mystery guest at that point. What really made it ironic was the fact that several years later, both Tony and Jack both played one of the most famous characters in both motion pictures and television, neat freak "Felix Unger." Of course, Jack played "Felix" in the 1968 film version of Neil Simon's play "The Odd Couple" and Tony assumed the role on the classic 1970 to 1974 television series based on the play. - Sargebri

    • DANNY KAYE IS A RIOT! He makes up answers and totally confuses both the panel and Mr. Daly! He goes as far as to stick his tongue out at the panel! He has everybody laughing throughout his whole mystery guest segment. John Daly mentions that this is Danny Kaye's first time ever on a live TV show. - Suzanne

    • There were no personal introductions or entrances for the panel on this episode. The show announcer simply stated the names of each panel member, who was already seated. Then, John Daly explained that they were scheduled for only 25 minutes this evening, so to shorten the program by 5 minutes, they eliminated the introductions. - Suzanne

    • "Enter and sign in, please." Up until May 1960, John Daly had been greeting contestants with the phrase, "Come in and sign in, please." Now, he has settled in on the phrase that has become part of our language. He now asks challengers to "Enter and sign in, please." This WML expression ranks up with the other famous phrase from "To Tell The Truth," "Will the real ____, please stand up?" - chromatica (David)

    • Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Tony Randall, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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