What's My Line?

Season 12 Episode 16


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 18, 1960 on CBS



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    • Arlene: And now a gentleman whose Christmas this year will be the merriest because Random House has proven to be a powerhouse. Mr. Bennett Cerf.

    • John: As we get into the -- closer to the Christmas season, I always think more fondly of Bennett (giggling from panel and audience) and the panel.

    • John: All right, panel. We can tell you that, uh, Mrs. Wagner is salaried and deals in a service. And I think we ought to begin the general questioning with Random House's random, raucous, righteous...
      Dorothy: Resilient.
      Bennett: Go on.
      John: Resilient.
      Arlene: Rambunctious.
      John: Rambunctious.
      Martin: Reliterate. (Martin "makes up" a word by taking "literate" and adding on "Re" to make his new word match the others.)

    • Martin John.
      John: Yes, sir.
      Martin: As one short actor, it is my impression that I would always know the greatest of short actors. This must be Edward G. Robinson.
      John: You're right!

  • Notes

    • Tonight's episode was the last show to be sponsored by Sunbeam. The company had been an alternate "WML?" sponsor since EPISODE #450 of February 1, 1959. On the next episode, which was sponsored by Kellogg's, John, after the mystery guest round, advised of a word from "our new alternate sponsor" - which would be Allstate Insurance Company. - W-B

    • WEDDING BELLS ARE IN THE AIR!!! This was the final show before John walked down the aisle with his second wife, Virginia Warren, the daughter of Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1953 to 1969. As for the show itself, this was a fairly successful night for the panel as they went .500 for the night. In the first game, Arlene guessed that Wendy Wagner (later changed to Wende Wagner) was a skin diver, but Dorothy successfully guessed that she was a stand-in for the female leads in such underwater-themed TV series as "The Aquanauts" and "Sea Hunt." In the second game, the panel was absolutely stumped by Boots, the lady who made electric back scratchers. In the mystery guest round, Martin correctly identified Edward G. Robinson, who tried using an Irish brogue to fool the panel. Robinson was on the show to promote two things that he was involved in. The first was the 1960 film "Pepe," or as John mistakenly called it, "Pee-Pee." The second, and more serious, event was the annual Hanukah festival at Madison Square Garden. In later years, Robinson would make almost annual appearances to promote the Jewish event. Also, as Robinson was leaving the stage, he congratulated John on his upcoming nuptials. In the final game, the panel ran out of time as they were questioning the manufacturer of church steeples. As a result, Mr. Opielski won the full prize by default. However, nothing could dampen the panel's mood as they all gave John their best wishes on his coming marriage. - Sargebri

    • As was mentioned earlier, Robinson was on What's My Line? to promote the motion picture "Pepe." He was preceded by a few weeks by the film's main star, Mexican comedy legend Cantinflas, who also appeared as a mystery guest. Robinson mentioned that there were more than fifty other stars in the film including Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Kim Novak. In another touch of irony, two weeks earlier, Maurice Evans appeared on the show. What really made it ironic was the fact that Evans wound up replacing Robinson in the classic 1968 science fiction film "Planet of the Apes." Robinson was scheduled to play the orangutan science minister "Doctor Zaius." However, Robinson was forced to withdraw due to his ill health as well as the film's seven month shooting schedule. - Sargebri

    • KILGALLEN WATCH!!! Dorothy sounded like she had a little nip before the show, but it didn't stop her from guessing Wendy Wagner's line. Unfortunately, her substance abuse would really take hold in the next few weeks, leading to her stay at the Le Roy Sanitarium a few weeks later. - Sargebri

    • There was a bit of self-conscious and embarrassed laughter when John Daly accidentally mispronounced the name of Edward G. Robinson's current project. The film, "Pepe," is correctly pronounced "PEH-pay." John pronounced it "PEE-pee," and was quickly corrected by the panel, amid giggles. - Lee McIntyre

    • Edward G. Robinson promoted his work in the 1960 film, "Pepe." He mentions he is in town for the Hanukkah Festival this coming Monday at Madison Square Garden. During his appearance, he smokes a cigar. - Suzanne

    • John Daly weds Virginia Warren - New York Times article - December 23, 1960. Here is the article in PDF Format:


    • Bennett announced that on next Thursday John Daly would be getting married. On December 22, 1960, John Daly married his second wife, Virginia Warren. She is the daughter of Earl Warren, the 14th United States Supreme Court Chief Justice. Edward G. Robinson and all the panel members wished him good luck on his upcoming marriage. - Suzanne

    • Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Martin Gabel, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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