What's My Line?

Season 12 Episode 18


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 01, 1961 on CBS



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    • John: Needless to say, you've probably noticed already we have a new member of the family tonight, the Allstate Insurance Companies, and we're very pleased that they wished to join What's My Line?

    • Shelley: Would my wife use the product?
      Challenger: (one of the two, off-screen) Yes.
      Shelley: That's peculiar because I'm not married. (loud laughter and applause before Shelley goes on to say that he's only joking, and that his wife is very nice)

  • Notes

    • HAPPY NEW YEAR 1961!!! This was the first show of 1961 and what a way to bring it in as the panel nearly had a perfecto. They would have had a perfect score, but unfortunately, when guest panelist Faye Emerson, who was filling in for an ill Dorothy Kilgallen, identified the final contestants' line of "judges," her identification came after John had called time. The first game of the New Year featured a nice little rib on the panel as the two contestants were named Ike Eisenhower and John Kennedy - but they were no relation to the outgoing president or his successor. Faye did correctly figure out that the two of them had something to do with girdles. However, she said that they made them and not sold them, but she was given credit for a correct guess. In the second game, Arlene, with an inadvertent assist from John, correctly figured out that the lady from Louisville, Kentucky was a house wrecker. The real highlight of that game was seeing Arlene blow kisses at herself for guessing the occupation seemingly out of the blue. After the commercial break, John admitted that he inadvertently gave Arlene an assist in that game and he flipped all the cards to show it. In the mystery guest round, Faye once again made a correct identification when she correctly guessed that the guest for the night was Lucille Ball. Lucy was on the show not only to promote her Broadway musical "Wildcat," but also to promote her co-starring turn with her good friend, Bob Hope, in the film "The Facts of Life." Unfortunately, the panel was unable to have a perfecto as they ran out of time with the husband and wife judges, but Faye was given credit for a correct guess after all the cards had been flipped. This definitely was an excellent way to bring in 1961. - Sargebri

    • Not mentioned during the mystery guest round was Lucy's husband, Desi Arnaz. This might have been due to the fact that the couple was in the middle of divorce proceedings. In fact, the divorce was finalized a few months after her appearance on the show. - Sargebri

    • KILGALLEN WATCH!!! The explanation Bennett gave for Dorothy's not being on the panel this evening was that she had injured her shoulder. However, this might have been his way of covering for her as she might have been in no shape to appear on the show due to intoxication. Of course, shortly after this episode, Dorothy would begin her month-long stay at the Le Roy Sanitarium. - Sargebri

    • EARNSBERGER REFERENCED AGAIN: John mentions his good friend Dr. Ray Earnsberger on this episode, at the end of the last game. He has previously mentioned the Earnsberger family on both EPISODE #324 and EPISODE #329. - Suzanne

    • While this was the first episode with the "Allstate" opening, it was not the first episode with an Allstate commercial. On the previous episode, John Daly announced that the last commercial break would be from their new alternate sponsor. Since Kellogg's is still sponsoring WML, this commercial would have been for Allstate. - ymike673

    • "ENTER AND SIGN IN" WATCH: For the first show of the first day of the New Year, John uses his "Will you enter and sign in, please?" introduction for all contestants including the mystery guest. - W-B

    • FLIP REPORT: For half of this episode, John was not in a card-flipping mood. He did not flip the cards for the first challengers, even though only one "no" answer was given before their line was figured out. He flipped all the cards for the second challenger, the house wrecker, apparently out of astonishment that Arlene deducted her line so quickly. He did not flip the cards for Lucille Ball, who never had the opportunity to give a "no" answer. Finally, he did flip all the cards for the judges, since their game ran out of time. - agent_0042

    • Tonight's episode is the first to be sponsored by Allstate Insurance Company, which will be an alternate sponsor for "WML?" over the next few years. - W-B

    • Lucille Ball promoted her Broadway musical play "Wildcat." She also promoted her 1960 movie with Bob Hope called "The Facts of Life." - Suzanne

    • Tidbits: John Daly mentions that Allstate Insurance is their sponsor for the first time tonight. As of 2005, Allstate Insurance is still going strong with Dennis Haysbert (24, Now and Again) as their spokesperson. They still use their famous slogans: "That's Allstate's stand" and "Are you in good hands?"

      Shelley Berman is opening Thursday at the Empire Room of the Waldorf Astoria in NYC.

    • The panel was seated at the outset of this episode. Bennett stated that Dorothy was absent from the panel tonight due to a "very sore shoulder." He mentioned that Faye had a "broken leg." His comment about Dorothy was suspect, since we know that Dorothy was admitted to LeRoy Hospital in mid-January 1961 for a month of rehabilitation for substance abuse. The Le Roy Sanitarium Hospital was located at 40 East 61st Street, NY, NY. Dorothy will appear as a mystery guest on February 5, 1961, when the rest of the panel still thinks she is still hospitalized. - Suzanne

    • Panel: Arlene Francis, Shelley Berman, Faye Emerson, Bennett Cerf.

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