What's My Line?

Season 12 Episode 22


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 29, 1961 on CBS
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Game 1: Oleg Cassini (4/11/1913 - 3/17/2006) - "Dress Designer (Designer for Jacqueline Kennedy)" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded; John referred to him as Mr. X)

Game 2: Miss Pam Long & Mr. Bill Long (Pamela Long and William Long, fraternal twins, sister and brother) - "Egg Farmers" (self-employed; they have been in business for two years and they are saving their earnings for their college education; their hens produce 50 to 60 dozen eggs each night; from Jeffersontown, KY)

Game 3: Julie Newmar (b. 8/16/1933) (as Mystery Guest #2)

Game 4: Mrs. Steffy Goldner (Stephanie Goldner) & Mrs. Anna Kayaloff (or possibly Ana Kayaloff) - "Orchestra Musicians Broadway Show 'My Fair Lady'" (salaried; their game was short since they ran out of time and John did not state the instruments that they played; both are from New York, NY) . .moreless

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    John Daly

    John Daly

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    Arlene Francis

    Arlene Francis

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    Bennett Cerf

    Bennett Cerf

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    Oleg Cassini

    Oleg Cassini

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    Julie Newmar

    Julie Newmar

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    Shelley Berman

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      • TOM GUINZBURG: According to Bennett's book "At Random" (pp. 95-96), he had a long-standing close and very friendly relationship with Rita Gam's then-husband, Thomas Guinzburg, and his family. Guinzburg's father Harold was the founder of Viking Press, which had published James Joyce before Random House did. At one point, Bennett didn't want to upstage Viking by sponsoring a Joyce American tour because "Harold Guinzburg was one of my best friends..., and I didn't want to harm that relationship" (p.95). Writing about Rita's husband, Bennett said "Phyllis and I love Harold's son Tom. We've watched him grow up. He's one of my favorite people, Tom." (p.96). Rita and Guinzburg divorced in 1963. - jerrylh41 (2005)

        REVIEW: Once again, Dorothy is missing due to her stay at the Le Roy Sanitarium. Ably filling in for her this week is actress Rita Gam, who just returned from Spain where she was filming the 1961 remake of "King of Kings" in which she played "Salome's" mother "Herodias." She definitely picked a nice night to return as she played a role in every correct guess. In an amazing move for a novice guest panelist, she made two of the correct guesses on her own. In the first game, Arlene and Rita simultaneously figured out that the first mystery guest was legendary fashion designer Oleg Cassini and passed the information to Shelley Berman, who triumphantly made the official guess for the panel. Mr. Cassini was on the show due to the fact that he was responsible for Jacqueline Kennedy's Inauguration Day wardrobe. At this stage of his career, Cassini was known for designing Mrs. Kennedy's wardrobe. In the second game, Rita did a really great job in correctly guessing that the young, twin brother and sister team from Kentucky were egg farmers. In the mystery guest round proper, Rita, almost out of the blue, correctly identified Julie Newmar. Rita mentioned that she had been to see the 1961 movie "The Marriage-Go-Round" the previous night, in which Julie was appearing at the time. Julie had previously appeared in the 1958-1960 Broadway play that the film was based on. Julie also took time to promote the Broadway play "Once There Was a Russian" which was going to open at the Music Box Theatre within a few weeks. Unfortunately, the play opened and closed on the same night, February 18, 1961. Unfortunately, Rita's and the panel's streak ended in the final game, which was called due to time. As a result, the two orchestra members for the musical "My Fair Lady" won the full prize by default. - Sargebri (2005)

        KILGALLEN WATCH!!! As was mentioned earlier, this was the second week of Dorothy's stay at the Le Roy Sanitarium where she was being treated for her substance abuse issues. Dorothy will return next week in a very memorable mystery guest appearance and will then return to the panel the week following her surprise appearance. - Sargebri (2005)

        MYSTERY GUEST: Julie Newmar, of course, was the first actress to portray the Feline Felon of Crime "Catwoman" on the campy 1966-1968 series "Batman." The other actresses who played "Catwoman" also appeared on WML. The first was Lee Meriwether. Interestingly, even though she is remembered for playing the role, she only played the role once in the theatrical movie based on the show. Julie couldn't do the film due to a previous commitment. Another "Catwoman" who appeared on WML was Eartha Kitt. Eartha assumed the role in the final season of the show when Julie was forced to miss that season due to the fact that she was filming the 1969 western "Mackenna's Gold" which also starred Omar Sharif. - Sargebri (2005)

        FLIP REPORT: Rita more or less discerned the occupation of the egg farmers with three down, but John flipped all the cards for the teenage twins. John flipped all the cards with two down for the final challenger because time had run out. - agent_0042 (2005)

      • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: Allstate Insurance is the primary sponsor this evening.
        (2) INTRODUCTION NOTES: During the introductions, Rita Gam introduced Bennett as "my husband's fiercest competitor." This was a reference to her then-husband, Thomas Guinzburg, head of both Viking Press (one of Random House's rivals) and Paris Review. Their marriage lasted from 1956 to 1963 and produced two children, one of whom, Kate Guinzburg, was a partner in actress Michelle Pfeiffer's production company, Via Rosa Productions, from 1990 to 2000. This was Miss Gam's only "WML?" appearance in its 17.5 years on CBS, but she did appear as a mystery guest on the syndicated version, during Week #93 which was recorded on September 3, 1970. Wally Bruner was the host by then, and the panel that week consisted of Soupy Sales, Gail Sheldon, Gawn Granger and Arlene Francis.
        (3) "ENTER AND SIGN IN" WATCH: It appears that John has finally settled on "Will you enter and sign in, please?" as the introductory phrase for all contestants, because he used this phrase exclusively on all shows airing this month, including this episode. He will largely adhere to this introduction (with a few exceptions) to the end of the show's run.
        (4a) OLEG CASSINI: The fashion designer and first mystery guest, making his only "WML?" appearance tonight in any of its forms, had a younger brother named Igor Cassini. Igor was a society columnist for the New York Journal-American newspaper. His gossip column was also syndicated in Hearst newspapers across the country. Igor wrote under the pseudonym "Cholly Knickerbocker," a moniker he had acquired when he succeeded the previous journalist, Maury Paul, upon Paul's death in 1942. It was his beat (and column) that would be subsequently taken over by Aileen Mehle, who was at the time known by her pen name Suzy Knickerbocker. Suzy had previously been a columnist for the Daily Mirror. She also became a frequent "WML?" guest panelist (after Phyllis Newman) in the post-Dorothy Kilgallen era.
        (4b) Another note about Igor's "Cholly Knickerbocker" society column involves the final years of his stewardship of the column. Around this time, and continuing to the point when Aileen Mehle took over the column as "Suzy Knickerbocker," Igor recruited a ghost-writer who handled much of the actual writing of the column. This ghost-writer would go on to make a name for herself as a gossip columnist from the 1970's onwards: Liz Smith.
        (5) JULIE NEWMAR: The statuesque actress and second mystery guest is the other CBS-era "WML?" only-timer to appear on the show tonight. It was more than three years from this episode that Miss Newmar landed the role of "Rhoda Miller" aka "AF 709" on the short-lived sitcom "My Living Doll," which ran on CBS from September 27, 1964 to September 8, 1965. "My Living Doll" was later listed among "The Worst TV Shows Ever" in the 1980 book of the same name. Julie subsequently made two more "WML?" appearances, during its daily syndicated run, in 1973 and 1974, respectively.
        (6) "WML?" END CREDITS WATCH: As the end credits indicated, tonight's edition was directed by Paul Alter, who was filling in for Franklin Heller. Mr. Alter had previously directed EPISODE #376 of August 18, 1957, and will be back at the helm for the next show, EPISODE #550, as well as for EPISODE #555 and EPISODE #559. The last art card slide seen after Mr. Alter's was the "WML?" title card. - W-B (2005, updated 2009)

      • Julie Newmar would later be known for her role as the original "Catwoman" in the 1966-1968 Batman television series. She was replaced in the final season of that show by another former WML mystery guest, Eartha Kitt, because Newmar was busy working on the 1969 film "Mackenna's Gold" with Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif, Telly Savalas and Eli Wallach. - Sargebri

      • Rita Gam had been a bridesmaid at Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco in April 1956. She is best known for the hundreds of interviews she has given about Grace Kelly. At the time of this WML, Rita was appearing as "Herodias" in the 1961 Biblical film, "King of Kings." - Sargebri

      • Julie Newmar promoted her 1961 film, "The Marriage-Go-Round."

      • HILARIOUS! Bill Long accidentally addressed Arlene as "sir," and Arlene then had some fun with this. She dropped one of the straps of her gown to reveal a very bare shoulder, and said, "I'm a girl!" It was a very cute moment! - fiveninegal

      • Bennett and John resume their prior joking about John's full name. On EPISODE #541 of December 4, 1960, John stated that his full name is John Charles Croghan Daly. However, on this episode of January 29, 1961, John states that his full name is John Charles Patrick Croghan Daly! Why did he leave out "Patrick" on the former episode? We'll never know! - Suzanne

      • John wished warm regards to Dorothy Kilgallen, who was absent. He stated that she would be watching the broadcast. What he didn't say, though, is something we know from our historical vantage point: Dorothy was currently in LeRoy Hospital for substance abuse treatment. - Suzanne

      • Rita Gam (4/2/1927 - 3/22/2016) Panel: Arlene Francis, Shelley Berman, Rita Gam, Bennett Cerf.

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