What's My Line?

Season 12 Episode 45


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 09, 1961 on CBS



  • Notes

    • (1) There was some irony to tonight's show, with respect to Steve Allen's appearance on the panel and Bill Cullen's appearance as the mystery guest. In 1964, three years after this episode, Steverino succeeded Garry Moore as host of "I've Got a Secret," on which Mr. Cullen was a panelist for its entire run. Mr. Allen will host "IGAS" until 1967 when that show, along with "WML?" and the nighttime version of "To Tell the Truth," were all cancelled by CBS in their purge of prime-time game shows. Also, Steve's wife (and tonight's other "WML?" guest panelist) Jayne Meadows had been a regular panelist on "IGAS" from 1952 to 1959. Additionally, Mr. Cullen himself will host the short-lived 1976 network revival of "IGAS."
      (2) During the end credit sequence (with the crew credits rushed for time), the production staff showed the earlier slide card only, crediting technical and lighting directors, with no mention of associate director. - W-B (2006)
      (3) Tonight's show marked the only time Dorothy Kilgallen and Jayne Meadows sat on the panel together. Miss Meadows' first guest panelist appearance, on EPISODE #469 of June 21, 1959, was on a night when Miss Kilgallen was off, and of course, in the 22 months between Dolly Mae's death in 1965 and the end of "WML?'s" CBS run in 1967, Jayne was one of a handful of rotating female guest panelists, along with Phyllis Newman, Aileen Mehle (aka Suzy Knickerbocker) and Sue Oakland. - W-B (2008)

      MORE ABOUT "I'VE GOT A SECRET": During the 1959-1960 season, more than a year after Goodson-Todman Productions' sale of "WML?" to CBS, G-T also sold "IGAS" to both CBS and the show's then-host, Garry Moore. But unlike "WML?" which, from EPISODE #422 of July 6, 1958 onwards, was credited as "A CBS Television Network Production in association with Mark Goodson and Bill Todman," G-T's names disappeared from "IGAS" altogether effective with that transaction. On GSN's most recent airings of "I've Got a Secret," which commenced in April 2006 and started with the episode originally broadcast on September 30, 1959, the final "IGAS" episode to be credited as "A Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production" was the December 9, 1959 telecast. As GSN skipped the next three episodes (December 16, 1959; December 23, 1959; and December 30, 1959), it is not known exactly when the transition took place, but by the January 6, 1960 edition, "IGAS" was already being presented in the end credits as "A Telecast Enterprises, Inc. Production" - as it would be all remaining "IGAS" episodes up to the very last show of April 3, 1967. - W-B (2006)