What's My Line?

Season 13 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 03, 1961 on CBS



  • Notes

    • (1) Coincidentally, tonight's episode of September 3, 1961 - the first new live episode of the season after the last few weeks having been pre-taped - aired exactly six years to the day before the very last network "WML?" installment, EPISODE #876 of September 3, 1967. That final episode also went out live after the usual pattern of pre-taped summer shows that had aired over the preceding weeks. Also coincidentally, three of tonight's panelists - Arlene Francis, Martin Gabel and Bennett Cerf - would be on the panel of the very last episode six years in the future.
      (2) Yet another new Kellogg's opening sequence debuts with tonight's episode, the fourth since the cereal maker began sponsoring "WML?" on an alternating basis in 1958.
      (3) In her introduction of Bennett, Arlene calls him the "Mount Kisco Kid" - a double pun on O. Henry's "The Cisco Kid" and on Arlene and Bennett's both residing in Mount Kisco, NY. - W-B