What's My Line?

Season 13 Episode 1


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 03, 1961 on CBS



  • Notes

    • In the conversation following the identification of the pig farmers in game two, John asks the contestants if it's a lucrative occupation. Seeing their hesitancy, Bennett comments, "John, I wonder if the ladies remember that old Moran and Mack routine. You remember, they bought pigs for $5 in the spring and fed them all summer and then sold them for $5 in the fall? And Moran said, 'You can't make any money that way!' And Mack said, 'We found that out!'"

      Moran and Mack could be called the precursors to Amos and Andy. They were two blackface comics, also known as "The Two Black Crows" who were popular in the earliest part of the 20th century. Their routines were immortalized on phonograph records beginning in 1927, and they became popular around the country.

      Bennett got the gist of the joke correctly, but he reversed the characters. Although the joke was surely told many different ways over the years, the routine on one vintage recording goes like this:

      Moran: "We used to buy young pigs in August and then we'd sell 'em in April."
      Mack: "What did you pay for the pigs in August?"
      Moran: "A certain amount."
      Mack: "Yes, I know. But how much?"
      Moran: "Uh, four dollars each."
      Mack: "And what did you sell 'em for in April?"
      Moran: "Uh, four dollars each."
      Mack: "You paid four dollars in August and sold 'em in April for four dollars?"
      Moran: "Yeah."
      Mack: "Well, you can't make any money that way."
      Moran: "No ... we found that out!"

      To hear the entire Two Black Crows routine to which Bennett refers, along with the routines of other vaudeville stars, go to http://dvautier.home.comcast.net/records/records.htm
      and search for "Two Black Crows - Part Two - Goofer feathers, olives and the business of selling pigs." - Lee McIntyre