What's My Line?

Season 13 Episode 11


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Nov 12, 1961 on CBS



  • Notes

    • Kilgallen Television Games and Interviews Lost To Posterity: During the introductions and goodnights, nobody discloses that Dorothy Kilgallen will have high visibility on television this week in many parts of the United States. In less than twenty-four hours, the new CBS daytime game show "Password" will be seen, featuring Kilgallen and actor Darren McGavin as celebrity guest players. All of these five weekday "Password" episodes have been videotaped in advance. Videotape is fairly new to Goodson-Todman and CBS. It is expensive and difficult to store, so G-T erases and then reuses the tapes, depriving posterity of these Kilgallen performances.
      In an online discussion group about game shows, a person recalled - at a distance of 40 years - Dorothy Kilgallen getting stuck on "Password" because she was unfamiliar with the football term "bunt." Since the episode no longer exists, we'll never be able to verify this or see what actually transpired. Dorothy never appears on "Password" again. On "WML?" EPISODE #783 of September 26, 1965, Dorothy accidentally introduces guest panelist Allen Ludden as the host of "Passport." But, none of these facts tells us for sure how well or how poorly Dorothy performs on daytime episodes of "Password" broadcast this week of November 13-17, 1961. All we have are old issues of TV Guide magazine.
      Daytime television in 1961 has a mostly female audience, but men in several American cities will get the chance to know Dorothy Kilgallen on Wednesday night, November 15, 1961. Mike Wallace will interview Dorothy and husband Dick Kollmar on his 1961-1962 "P.M. East, P.M. West" interview program that starts at 11 P.M., after having been videotaped in advance. Not every American will have the chance to see this program, as it is syndicated by the new Westinghouse Broadcasting Corporation, which had outlets in Pittsburgh (KDKA-TV, Channel 2); Boston (WBZ-TV, Channel 4); Baltimore (WJZ-TV, Channel 13); Cleveland (KYW-TV, Channel 3, which will relocate to Philadelphia in 1965); and San Francisco (KPIX, Channel 5). The WBC, which would re-brand itself as "Group W" in 1963, handled videotapes the same way as CBS did - by wiping each one after it was shown. All posterity knows about the Wallace - Kilgallen / Kollmar interview comes from short summaries of it in Time magazine and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. (Pittsburgh was the city where the WBC dubbed its videotapes for circulation.) The Time magazine piece is heavily biased against Dorothy, making her look silly and obsessed with her large collection of shoes - à la Imelda Marcos. The loss of any electronic recording, however, makes it impossible to verify their words. - Jan Simonson

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