What's My Line?

Season 13 Episode 23


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 04, 1962 on CBS

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  • Special Anniversary Episode

    This milestone episode was enjoyable, especially with the Goodson/Todman appearance. (Ironically an episode of Match Game this weekend, 2/18/06, on GSN also featured a brief appearance by Goodson when standing panelist Charles Nelson Reilly was late for the taping and Goodson stood in for Charles during the first ten minutes of the show.)

    One piece of trivia I noted for this episode was during the sign-in entrance of veterinarian guest Dr. Dixie Cline. As she is writing "Dixie" on the chalkboard, you can clearly hear Arlene say "Cups"!

    I would have thought that for an anniversary show they might have planned a full panel of quasi-regulars. Buddy Hackett was a bit of a "fifth wheel" in terms of the entire show. I think he sensed he was out of place based on his comments during the Goodson/Todman segment.