What's My Line?

Season 13 Episode 46


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 15, 1962 on CBS

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  • Arlene Francis on Tonight Show

    It is interesting to know what was going on in the world when this show was first broadcast. Jack Parr had recently left the Tonight Show and celebrity guest hosts were filling in for a week at a time until NBC could find a permanent host. It would be three months before Johnny Carson would do his first show. Before Johnny, you might see anybody from Woody Allen to Groucho Marx behind the desk. During this episode of "What's My Line" Arlene Francis was getting ready to become the first female to ever host the Tonight Show. At the beginning of this WML episode, Tom Poston says, "Arlene Francis is going to take over the Tonight Show starting tomorrow." What a treat it would be to see Arlene hosting these five Tonight Show programs in 1962 as she sat by sidekick Hugh Downs and introduced band leader Skitch Henderson. These were video taped in color!!!! But the network erased all of them.

    There are also references in this episode of "What's My Line" to Arlene recently serving as one of the hosts of the Miss Universe Pageant. Both Arlene and Bennett Cerf were big baseball fans. Francis refers to the Giants as "My darling team - the San Francisco Giants." There was another exciting event in history that had occurred just five days before this episode was broadcast. The public had just witnessed the first transmission of live television across the Atlantic Ocean. The broadcast from France was picked up via satellite in Andover, Maine. During the "What's My Line episode", John Daly says: "The success of Telstar this week is the most startling things that has happened in communications since Morris's first message by telegraph...That great transmission from Andover, Maine - which the picture was as clear as the picture the public is seeing tonight on What's My Line."

    John was exactly right. It was a big deal. It is why we are seeing "What's My Line" via satellite today across the nation.