What's My Line?

Season 13 Episode 48


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 29, 1962 on CBS



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    • This turned out to be a fairly good night for the panel as they went "2 for 3" this particular evening. In the first game, Bennett correctly guessed that the lady from upstate New York was responsible for the manufacture of baseball bats. In the second game, the panel was stumped by the female air traffic controller. Of course, no one could blame the panel for being stumped, because at that time, women rarely held such positions. In the mystery guest round, Joey was given partial credit due to the fact that he identified "Doctor Kildare" (aka Richard Chamberlain). However, he didn't identify "Doctor Gillespie" (aka Raymond Massey). Chamberlain and Massey were on the show to promote the 1961-1966 television series "Doctor Kildare," which was one of the breakout hits of the 1961-1962 television season on NBC. This definitely was a great night for the panel. - Sargebri

    • As John had mentioned, "Doctor Kildare" was one of the great motion picture franchises in the 1930's. Playing "Kildare" in the films was Lew Ayers and playing "Doctor Gillespie" was Lionel Barrymore. "Doctor Kildare" was a very popular radio series as well. Also, a brief mention was made of "Kildare's" rival, "Ben Casey." Of course, the 1961-1966 TV series "Ben Casey," starring Vince Edwards as "Dr. Casey," was another hit medical drama on ABC. In fact, those two shows started the shift in popularity away from westerns to medical shows. Over the next few years, shows such as "Medical Center" and "Marcus Welby, MD" would become huge ratings hits. - Sargebri

    • LET'S GO TO THE VIDEOTAPE!!! As was mentioned the previous week, Bennett was supposed to be on vacation in Bermuda. However, he was still seen on the show thanks to the still relatively new technology of videotape. With the advent of this technology, several shows could be taped instantly and shown at a later date. In fact, in the later years of the show, the producers would rely on videotaping more and more as a way of allowing the panel to all get a well deserved rest. - Sargebri

    • KILGALLEN WATCH!!! Dorothy looked relatively sober on this episode because tonight's show was taped in May 1962, just prior to her recent relapse. - Sargebri

    • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the mystery challengers at six down. Also related to the cards -- John forgot to return the cards to their initial state after the first contestant, but corrected the mistake before it could cause any problems. - agent_0042

    • During the introductions, guest panelist Joey Bishop introduced Arlene Francis by stating that she was appearing in the play "Old Acquaintance" which was now being performed at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey. - Suzanne

    • "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: The sponsor for tonight's pre-taped episode was Allstate Insurance Company. The insurer on this occasion had been alternating with Dentu-Creme / Py-Co-Pay which had sponsored the live EPISODE #612 of May 6, 1962. - W-B

    • During the end credits, the announcer stated that this episode had been prerecorded. From Gil Fates' logs, we know this episode was taped on May 6, 1962, which was the same day as the live transmission of EPISODE #612. Also, lighting director Ralph Holmes' name again appeared with a letter transposition in his end credit placard, and the position of production supervisor was not listed. - Suzanne + W-B

    • When Beulah Gallert pronounced her city of Dolgeville, it sounded like "Dahlsville," which prompted Bennett to pun and ask about any connection to dolls. As of 2004, the business is still in operation, yet is now owned by the Rawlings Sporting Goods Company. - Suzanne

    • The mystery guests were two actors who both played doctors on a very popular 1961 to 1966 television series, "Dr. Kildare." Their roles were Dr. James Kildare (played by Richard Chamberlain) and his wise mentor Dr. Leonard Gillespie (played by Raymond Massey). Bennett Cerf mentioned the "other" Dr. Kildare, the 1938 movie titled "Young Dr. Kildare" in which Dr. Kildare was played by Lew Ayres and Dr. Gillespie was played by Lionel Barrymore. - Suzanne

    • Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Joey Bishop, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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