What's My Line?

Season 14 Episode 19


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 06, 1963 on CBS

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  • The Ladybug man was my grandfather!

    My grandfather, Louis Schnoor, was the guest on this episode. He would go up into the Northern Sierra foothills in the winter when ladybugs hibernated and collect them. In his garage he had industrial refrigerators where he would store them in burlap sacks filled with wood shavings where they continued to hibernate until they were shipped. He built all his own crates for shipping; I so remember the smell of the sawdust and how the fine dust piled high underneath machinery just begging to be touched and played with.

    When you received your burlap bag, you reached your arm in up to your shoulder and when removed, your arm was covered with the ladybugs. You would then gently shake them loose among your roses. The sight of hundreds of ladybugs in the sunlight was a memorable image.

    He advertised in gardening magazines including Sunset. He was a guest on What's My Line where he was flown to NYC and pulled his ear during the show as was the pre-arranged hello signal to us. Once I read a Dennis the Menace comic book where Mr. Wilson is spreading ladybugs on his roses and tells Dennis there is a man in California who sells them by mail order.

    It was nice to see this summary because I had forgotten that Bert Lahr was the guest celebrity and Peter Ustinov was a guest panelist.
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