What's My Line?

Season 14 Episode 36


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM May 05, 1963 on CBS



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    • John: (regarding the New York Mets baseball team) And if wishing alone can make them a great ball team, they're going to be a great ball team.

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    • REVIEW: This not only was a very good night for the panel, but it was a very fun one as well. The fun part of the night began during the introductions. Arlene had introduced the night's guest panelist, Buddy Hackett, when out walked Joey Bishop, who was scheduled to appear on the panel the very next week. Buddy then came out and mockingly scolded his pal. As for the games themselves, this was another great night. In the first game, Bennett correctly guessed that the young lady from Maryland was a dog catcher. In the second game, Arlene was given credit for guessing that the lady from Hollywood, Florida made bread. However, Arlene didn't specifically identify that it was diet bread that the contestant made. In the mystery guest round, the panel had a good laugh when Bob Hope and Lucille Ball came out and signed in as "Bob Ball" and "Lucy Hope." The panel had little trouble guessing who they were and their fate was sealed when Dolly Mae asked if one of them was "famous for having red hair" and if the other one was "famous for having a ski nose." The duo was on WML to promote their latest picture "Critics Choice." Bob also took time to promote his 1963 book "I Owe Russia $1200," which was published by Bennett's competition, Doubleday. They also talked about Bob's being awarded the USO's gold medal for all the work he did for that organization, especially during World War II. Unfortunately, the panel ran out of time in the final game so the Coney Island ride inspector won the full prize by default. Nevertheless, this was still a great performance by the panel. - Sargebri

    • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the second challenger at seven down. Arlene correctly identified the product as bread, but John likely figured it was pointless to make the panel fish for "diet bread." He flipped all the cards for the final challenger at six down because time ran out. - agent_0042

    • (1) A TEMPORARY MIXUP ON THE PANEL DESK, DUE TO AN OVERSIGHT: During the opening moments, prior to the first commercial, the position of Dorothy's and Arlene's nameplates on the panel desk were the reverse of where the women were seated. Fortunately, this error was corrected by the end of the first commercial break, by having the women remain where they were seated, but switching the position of the nameplates. The initial errant order of the girls' nameplates was most likely left over from the taping of EPISODE #678 of August 25, 1963 on which Dorothy had been introduced first. The future EPISODE #678 had been taped just prior to the live transmission of tonight's live show. In other words, EPISODE #678 had been prerecorded for a later broadcast.
      (2) Guest panelist Buddy Hackett is wearing a goatee tonight.
      (3) A few months after tonight's co-mystery guest (with Bob Hope) appearance, Lucille Ball will begin filming for the second season of "The Lucy Show," which debuted in 1962 and ran through 1968. Though the program, as originally aired on CBS, was shown in black-and-white up to the 1964-1965 season, Miss Ball actually filmed her series from the 1963-1964 season onwards in color. This would be evident on reruns as were aired in the 1990's on TV Land. It was with this second season that Gale Gordon first played the role of "Theodore Mooney," the boss/nemesis of Lucy's character "Lucy Carmichael." Mr. Gordon will remain Lucy's foil on all of her remaining programs, including "Here's Lucy" (1968-1974) and the ill-fated, very short-lived "Life With Lucy" (1986). - W-B

    • The Diet Bread Skinny from Suzanne: Hollywood Diet Bread (also referred to as Hollywood Bread) is no longer being made. It has no connection to the Hollywood Bread Company in England or the bread of the same name in Canada. In 1962, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission, 62 F.T.C. 1115) was investigating what they believed to be false advertising claims surrounding several diet breads. This investigation included several different makes of diet breads, including Hollywood Diet Bread (then made by National Bakers Services, Inc.) and Slender-Way diet bread, which was made by the grocery store chain Safeway. The FTC disagreed with their advertising claims that diet breads could contribute to weight loss. They charged that diet bread contained fewer calories than regular bread because diet breads were merely sliced thinner. In 2004, the building that originally housed Hollywood Bread is still referred to as the Hollywood Bread Building, and is located at 1747 Van Buren St., Hollywood, FL 33020. Hollywood Diet Bread was sold in both a light and a dark variety, and the top was sprinkled with sesame seeds. People on the net are looking for similar recipes to this long-lost bread of their childhood. A forum post from 2002 reads as follows, and refers to Eleanor Hansberry: "My secretary's mom (whom is now passed away) was the owner of Hollywood Bread Company. She has been dead for about 10-15 years. When she died, she left everything to charity, including the bread company. I think it was The Salvation Army. They then proceeded to run the company into the ground and it closed. Hollywood Bread was first started in her kitchen because she was always dieting. She then sold the rights to baking the bread to different bread companies across the nation. She lived in Hollywood, Florida. Signed, Beth" When I contacted Beth in 2004, she replied, "Thanks so much for the information. This is the person. As a matter of fact, her grandson and I are friends. I would love to find the recipe. Thanks, Beth"

    • What the heck is going on with Dorothy's hair? Was that some kind of bird's nest perched on her head? Her hairpiece was complete with a ribbon tied in a big bow! Ahhh the 60's! If you listen carefully, as Bob and Lucy are exiting, Bob gives Dorothy Kilgallen a kiss on the cheek and asks her how she is doing. She nods and replies, "I'm feeling fine now." She had recently been hospitalized for a month for her unfortunate alcohol abuse. - fiveninegal

    • "Thanks for the Memories" - In honor of Bob Hope's 100th birthday on May 29, 2003, GSN aired three "Bob Hope as Mystery Guest" episodes from December 12, 1954, November 19, 1961 and May 5, 1963. These three episodes were again aired as a tribute when Bob Hope died on July 27, 2003.

    • Bob Hope and Lucille Ball had appeared earlier in the evening on yet another CBS show, The Ed Sullivan Show, promoting their 1963 film, "Critic's Choice."

    • Joey Bishop appeared briefly at the beginning of the show. His pal Buddy Hackett had been introduced by Arlene Francis and was then supposed to walk out from between the curtains and take his seat. However, Joey Bishop appeared at the entrance spot! Buddy then appeared and the two faced each other and exchanged a few sentences. Buddy said to Joey with mock anger, "You're on next week! She said Buddy Hackett, not Joey Bishop!" Buddy then took his seat. Later, he explained that he and Joey had taken their wives out for the evening.

    • Panel: Arlene Francis, Buddy Hackett, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf.

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