What's My Line?

Season 14 Episode 36


Aired Daily 12:00 AM May 05, 1963 on CBS



  • Notes

    • The Diet Bread Skinny from Suzanne: Hollywood Diet Bread (also referred to as Hollywood Bread) is no longer being made. It has no connection to the Hollywood Bread Company in England or the bread of the same name in Canada. In 1962, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission, 62 F.T.C. 1115) was investigating what they believed to be false advertising claims surrounding several diet breads. This investigation included several different makes of diet breads, including Hollywood Diet Bread (then made by National Bakers Services, Inc.) and Slender-Way diet bread, which was made by the grocery store chain Safeway. The FTC disagreed with their advertising claims that diet breads could contribute to weight loss. They charged that diet bread contained fewer calories than regular bread because diet breads were merely sliced thinner. In 2004, the building that originally housed Hollywood Bread is still referred to as the Hollywood Bread Building, and is located at 1747 Van Buren St., Hollywood, FL 33020. Hollywood Diet Bread was sold in both a light and a dark variety, and the top was sprinkled with sesame seeds. People on the net are looking for similar recipes to this long-lost bread of their childhood. A forum post from 2002 reads as follows, and refers to Eleanor Hansberry: "My secretary's mom (whom is now passed away) was the owner of Hollywood Bread Company. She has been dead for about 10-15 years. When she died, she left everything to charity, including the bread company. I think it was The Salvation Army. They then proceeded to run the company into the ground and it closed. Hollywood Bread was first started in her kitchen because she was always dieting. She then sold the rights to baking the bread to different bread companies across the nation. She lived in Hollywood, Florida. Signed, Beth" When I contacted Beth in 2004, she replied, "Thanks so much for the information. This is the person. As a matter of fact, her grandson and I are friends. I would love to find the recipe. Thanks, Beth"

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