What's My Line?

Season 15 Episode 3


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 15, 1963 on CBS
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Game 1: Mrs. Marilyn Levishon - "Referee in Boxing Kangaroo Act" (self-employed; she and her husband perform boxing matches with 'Sydney The Boxing Kangaroo'; from Lakewood, CA)

Game 2: Paul Taylor - "Makes Church Bells" (self-employed; from Loughborough, Leicestershire County, England, his family has owned the John Taylor Bellfoundry for 200 years, though the bell foundry dates back to the 14th century; his foundry installed the new carillon in the Washington National Cathedral)

Game 3: Allen Funt (9/16/1914 - 9/5/1999) (as Mystery Guest) - "Allen (Candid Camera) Funt" (Smile, you're on Candid Camera!) . .moreless

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    John Daly

    John Daly

    Moderator (1950-1967)

    Arlene Francis

    Arlene Francis

    Regular Panelist (1950-1967)

    Bennett Cerf

    Bennett Cerf

    Regular Panelist (1951-1967)

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Regular Panelist (1950-1965)

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      • (After the mystery guest segment ends without a correct identification from the panel, John asks the panel if anyone has a final guess. Arlene then asks to hear the mystery guest speak in his normal voice.)
        Allen Funt: (In his normal voice) What do you want me to say, Arlene?
        Arlene: (After a slight pause as she thinks about the voice) Say 'Smile, you're on...'

    • NOTES (12)

      • REVIEW: After bringing in the new television season with a bang the previous week, this week was more of a fizzle for the panel as they went 1 for 3. In the first game, it looked promising as they figured out, right off the bat, that the contestant dealt with animals. Unfortunately, they never were able to determine that she worked as a referee in a boxing kangaroo act with her husband. In the second game, Arlene was given credit for correctly guessing that the gentleman from England was a bell manufacturer. However, that proved to be the only highlight of the night as the panel, for the first time in a long while, was completely stumped by Allen Funt, the longtime host of "Candid Camera." Of course, Allen was on the show to promote his series and he brought up the fact that most of the time, the WML panel is unable to see his show because "Candid Camera" comes on right before WML. With that note, the panel went back to their homes to lick their wounds and hope for better luck the next week. - Sargebri (2006)

      • It was cute to see Dorothy rub the head of the newly-shorn Tony Randall. Tony shaved his hair to play the role of the title character of the western/fantasy film "7 Faces of Dr. Lao." Co-starring with him in the film was future "I Dream of Jeannie" star Barbara Eden. - Sargebri

      • "Candid Camera" probably was one of the most successful television shows of its day. Of course, it probably could be considered an early form of reality television, as in the years that followed it, shows like "America's Funniest Home Videos," "TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes" as well as "Punk'd" all were most likely influenced by Allen and his traveling camera. - Sargebri

      • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the second contestant at eight down. Arlene had come close, identifying that the guest was involved with a bell of some sort. - agent_0042

      • A DOUBLE TRIP DOWN "WML?" MEMORY LANE: Once again tonight, John uses his old opening phrase, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to 'What's My Line?'" Not only that, but in introducing the first contestant tonight, he uses his old introductory phrase of "Will you come in and sign in, please?" This introduction hadn't been used for regular contestants since the middle of 1960, and was last used for mystery guests on EPISODE #555 of March 12, 1961, having long since given way to his amended salutation of "Will you enter and sign in, please?" which he will use for the remaining contestant and mystery guest this evening. - W-B

      • An interesting fact about "Candid Camera" involves its final season on the air. Both "Candid Camera" and "WML?" left the CBS airwaves in 1967. For the 1966-1967 season, which also saw "Candid Camera" go color, Allen Funt had as his co-host Bess Myerson. Bess was pulling double-duty as she was still a panelist on "I've Got a Secret," which was also in its final season. Unlike Goodson-Todman's policy regarding the preservation of "WML?" shows only on black and white kinescope film, however, Funt had his 1960's "Candid Camera" episodes saved on videotape. This proved fortuitous as these shows were syndicated for many years thereafter. Thus, color videotapes of the final network "Candid Camera" season exist, as evidenced in the mid-1990's when repeats of the show in different configurations aired in the overnight hours on E! Entertainment Television. Seen were episodes of both the 1960's version and also the 1970's syndicated version. - W-B

      • ARLENE'S RARE REFERENCE TO THE PRE-TAPED "WML?" BROADCASTS: Allen Funt promoted his popular television program, "Candid Camera" which airs on CBS in the time slot immediately preceding "What's My Line?" Because of this timing, "WML?" personnel are unable to watch the show. Arlene mentioned that she had indeed seen the show and liked it. She stated, "In the last six weeks, we've seen it, due to 'you know what.'" This was not a reference to her three-week recuperating period following her auto accident. It was a reference to "WML?'s" prerecorded episodes. The six-week period that she mentioned coincided with the particular period that pre-taped "WML?" episodes had been aired, namely, the summer months. In fact, immediately after Arlene's remark, she said, as an aside, "Don't look now, it's on tape." Mr. Funt, however, mentioned that because his show was always pre-taped, he did get to see "WML?", which contrasted with the other way around. In other words, the usual live broadcast of "WML?" prevented the "WML?" personnel from viewing "Candid Camera." - Suzanne + W-B

      • SHADOW BOXING: The panel did not guess the boxing kangaroo line in the second game, so in the post-game chat, John Daly had some fun with the panel after Arlene confused the name of the kangaroo, Sydney, with the city of Sydney, Australia. After the laughter subsided, John said to Mrs. Levishon, "We're very confused." After the guest left the stage, John jokingly recapped the "facts" by intentionally misrepresenting them when he said, "Now, just so that we've got this straightened out, what we were talking about was a pterodactyl from New Zealand and his name was Herbert." (Pronounced "terradactyl," this is an extinct flying reptile.) Also during this time period, the ever-helpful Tony Randall tells Arlene, "It's a marsupial," lest she really believe John! - Suzanne + Lee McIntyre

      • WML fans know it was Steve Allen who was the originator of the most famous question on WML, "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" Steve first asked a variant of this question on EPISODE #138 on January 18, 1953, during his 1953 to 1954 tenure as a regular panelist. Tonight, an unexpected answer to this familiar question brought laughter when Dorothy posed the famous question to the British contestant. He replied, "Oh, I'm English. What's a breadbox?" It wasn't mentioned on the show, but "bread bin" is the usual term in the United Kingdom. - Suzanne Astorino

      • Tony Randall sports a buzz cut hairdo. It's the result of shaving his head earlier for his role in the 1964 movie "7 Faces of Dr. Lao," in which he co-starred with Barbara Eden. - Eric Paddon

      • Tidbits: It is announced that Dorothy Kilgallen has been named the Honorary Chief of the New York Fire Department! She applauded the "10,000 marvelous men." Later, she chuckles when John Daly calls her "Chief"! - Suzanne

      • Panel: Arlene Francis, Tony Randall, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf.

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