What's My Line?

Season 15 Episode 18


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 29, 1963 on CBS
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Game 1: Abe Rosenberg - "Makes Ear Muffs" (self-employed; his earmuffs are made from soft, fur-like mouton lamb; John stated that Mr. Rosenberg wanted his game winnings to be donated to the American Cancer Foundation, which may be the previous name of the American Cancer Society; from Flushing, NY)

Game 2: Richard Guthrie - "Pulls Rickshaw (At Shopping Center)" (self-employed; Caucasian teenager; using a rickshaw that Richard and his father built, Richard pulls mall shoppers and their purchases to their cars in the parking lot of the Chris-Town Shopping Center Mall in Phoenix, Arizona; Richard said that he wore casual work clothes that consisted of beachcombers and a short-sleeved, loose fitting white shirt; the Chris-Town Mall is now known as the Phoenix Spectrum Mall; Richard will be attending BYU - Brigham Young University - as a freshman in the spring of 1964; from Phoenix, AZ)

Note: Richard Guthrie makes a second Goodson-Todman appearance on the June 21, 1965 episode of "I've Got a Secret," which was hosted by Steve Allen. Richard's "secret" on "IGAS" was the same occupation he used to stump the "WML?" panel tonight. - Suzanne (2008)

Game 3: Ginger Rogers (7/16/1911 - 4/25/1995) (as Mystery Guest)

Game 4: Mrs. Jacqueline Scarr - "Stockbroker" (salaried; she stated that she was an Ex-Mrs., meaning she was either widowed or divorced; she is a licensed stockbroker at Bache and Company and deals in stocks and securities; originally from Paris, France; currently from New York, NY) . .moreless

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John Daly

John Daly

Moderator (1950-1967)

Arlene Francis

Arlene Francis

Regular Panelist (1950-1967)

Bennett Cerf

Bennett Cerf

Regular Panelist (1951-1967)

Dorothy Kilgallen

Dorothy Kilgallen

Regular Panelist (1950-1965)

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    • REVIEW: SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCE BE FORGOT!!! This was the final show for 1963 and even though the panel only had a .500 record for the night, this still was a very fun show. In the first game, Dorothy correctly guessed that the first contestant made earmuffs. However, even though Mr. Rosenberg won only $20, John flipped over all the cards after it was announced that any winnings he won were to go to the American Cancer Foundation. The panel wasn't as fortunate in the second game as they failed to guess the second contestant's line. Of course, it would be hard to guess that a fine young American boy who would soon be attending Brigham Young University pulled a rickshaw for a part-time job in addition to his school studies. The mystery guest round proved to be the real highlight of the night as Arlene correctly identified Bennett's kissin' cousin, Ginger Rogers. Naturally, the door was blown wide open when Bennett asked if he had a lock of Ginger's hair. Ginger didn't really have anything to promote, but she did talk about her new production company which she formed with her husband, Bill Marshall. She also announced that she had reached an agreement with the Jamaican government and that her new production company would be allowed to film some of their projects there in Jamaica. In the final game, the panel ran out of time while questioning the female stockbroker from New York by way of Paris, France, and as a result, she won the full prize by default. However, it still marked a wonderful sendoff to a very turbulent 1963. - Sargebri

    • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the first contestant at four down, even though Dorothy had correctly identified the product as earmuffs. John flipped all the cards for the final contestant at three down because time ran out. - agent_0042

    • (1) A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA: Tonight, guest panelist Robert Q. Lewis wears a three-piece tuxedo, complete with vest.
      (2) "WML?" END CREDITS TRUNCATION: The end credit sequence for tonight's episode cuts off after the slide card graphic for director Franklin Heller, however as this show was pre-taped on the same day as EPISODE #692 of last week, it's a sure bet that the same crew worked behind the scenes. - W-B

    • During the end credits, Johnny Olson announced that this episode was prerecorded. From Gil Fates' logs, we know this episode was taped on December 15, 1963. - Suzanne

    • (1) Two thing that I have noticed: First, have you ever watched John as he goes to the board to meet the guest? He always looks down for his spot and then while shaking hands, he guides the guest to his/her spot. Also, you've noticed that while they walk from the blackboard to the chair, he asks, "Are you familiar with how we score the game?" About 3-4 episodes ago, he made a brief mention that everybody knows how they keep score and he hasn't asked since.
      (2) The earmuff maker had an uneventful game. However, he did go home with $50.
      (3) The rickshaw driver was a high school student who worked in a huge shopping mall in Phoenix, Arizona. Evidently, he and his father originated the idea to transport women in a rickshaw (with all of their shopping bags) from the mall to their cars in the parking lot. He was making money for college, as he would soon be going to BYU, Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah, and his job sounded quite lucrative. The panel had no idea what his line was and John finally had to tell them. During the questioning, someone asked if he wore a uniform, and the answer was a "qualified no." After his line was revealed, the panel was visiting with him and the subject of a uniform came up again. As they were guessing what he wore, you can hear Arlene (off-camera) shout "Coolie, I hope!" This was probably an inappropriate term, even for 1963.
      (4) When the questioning of Ginger Rogers got back to Bennett for the second time, he asked her, "Do I have a lock of your hair?" This sounded like a very strange question until it was revealed that Ginger is Bennett's wife's (Phyllis Cerf) cousin. She was a house guest of the Cerfs. For a "cover" story, Phyllis and Ginger told Bennett that Ginger wouldn't be close to the WML studios, but Bennett said he "Didn't buy it for a minute."
      (5) The lady stockbroker was actually a French national licensed to sell securities in the United States. She was good looking, and got a lot of whistles when she walked on stage. Robert Q. Lewis was trying to speak French to her and was seemingly flirting with her. She stumped the panel. In general, this was the last episode before New Year's and there were many mentions of that. Everybody was in the holiday spirit! Maybe that explains R.Q. Lewis! - Reed Pratt

    • Panel: Arlene Francis, Robert Q. Lewis, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf.