What's My Line?

Season 15 Episode 23


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 02, 1964 on CBS
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Game 1: Mr. Elman Folkenberg (Pastor Elman J. Folkenberg) - "Runs Clinic on How to Stop Smoking" (salaried; Pastor Folkenberg is also a Seventh-day Adventist clergyman; Pastor Folkenberg will be travelling soon to Portland, Oregon to conduct a stop-smoking clinic; Pastor Folkenberg also co-wrote a book with his medical doctor associate, Dr. J. Wayne McFarland, titled "How to Stop Smoking in Five Days"; see notes about their stop-smoking procedure below; from South Lancaster, MA, which he said is near Boston, MA)

Game 2: Miss Dee-Dee Winner (Diana Lois Mary Elisabeth Winner) - "Owns and Races Greyhounds" (self-employed; she said that Greyhounds dogs are used for racing between the ages of 2 and 5; she credited and praised her trainer Phil Wilmot; originally from New York, now from Miami, FL)

Game 3: George Burns (1/20/1986 - 3/9/1996) (as Mystery Guest) Smoking a cigar, naturally! . .moreless

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    John Daly

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    Arlene Francis

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    Bennett Cerf

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    Dorothy Kilgallen

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      • HAPPY 14TH ANNIVERSARY!!! Tonight was a night of celebration as John and the panel celebrated the show's 14th anniversary. The panel honored it by going 2 for 3 this evening. In the first game, the panel was stumped by the minister who taught classes to help people quit smoking. In the second game, the panel got credit for correctly guessing that the young lady from Florida via New York had something to do with greyhound racing. For the record, she owned, raised and raced them. The mystery guest round was a very wild one as the panel tried forever to guess George Burns. The panel at times may have accused John of being very misleading, but George really took the cake, especially when he was asked by Dorothy if he had been in San Juan, Puerto Rico and he lied and answered "yes." However, with two to go, Martin correctly identified the comedy legend. George then delighted the panel, as well as the audience, with a very funny story about Carol Channing, who threw a party in his honor a couple of nights earlier. That was truly a wonderful way to end the show's 14th anniversary. - Sargebri

      • BEATLES MENTION!!! During Bennett's usually funny introduction of John, he said that John knew all four hit songs of the Fab Four. Ironically, the Beatles made their historic appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" the very next week. Also, the second contestant next week on WML was a man who made Beatle wigs. - Sargebri

        SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR: When WML celebrated its 15th anniversary the very next year, Martin Gabel was again on the show. However, he would not be sitting on the panel, but rather, he would be part of the team of mystery guests made up of the spouses of the people sitting on the panel that night. The other couples included Bennett's wife Phyllis Cerf, Dorothy's husband Dick Kollmar and Steve Allen's wife Jayne Meadows. - Sargebri

        SMOKE RINGS: Arlene had a very surprised look when she realized that Pastor Folkenberg's name sounded familiar. Ironically, she had interviewed the man who co-wrote a book with Folkenberg on how to quit smoking. However, what made it doubly ironic is the fact that when Arlene made her first appearance on the WML panel 14 years earlier, there is a shot of her clearly taking a drag off of a cigarette. - Sargebri

        GUESS AGAIN: It was very ironic that a blindfolded Martin Gabel asked George Burns if he were Bobby Darin. What made it so ironic was that Bobby would be a guest panelist on next week's show. - Sargebri

        "WENDY AND ME"!!! A few months after his appearance on the show tonight, George Burns would star on the short-lived TV show "Wendy and Me." The whole premise of the show was somewhat of an update of the "Burns and Allen" television series with Connie Stevens in the "Gracie Allen" role, playing a cute, but dim, young newlywed housewife named "Wendy Conway." As far as the plot went, George bought the apartment building where "Wendy" and her husband "Jeff," played by Ron Harper, lived. Much like he did on "Burns and Allen," George served as narrator, commenting on the wacky situations that "Wendy" got herself into. - Sargebri

      • PASTOR FOLKENBERG: Although Elman Folkenberg was referred to during the broadcast as "Reverend Folkenberg" by one of the panel members, the title is applied incorrectly. Seventh-day Adventists do not use the title "Reverend" or the abbreviation "Rev." for their ministers, reserving the adjective for God Himself. (The word "reverend" is used only once in the King James Version of the Bible (Psalm 111:9) and it refers to God: "Holy and reverend is His name.") Rather, Seventh-day Adventists prefer to use the formal title Elder, as in "Elder Elman Folkenberg," or the informal title "Pastor," as in "Pastor Elman Folkenberg." - Lee McIntyre

      • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the second contestant at seven down, however, the panel had correctly ascertained the basic line. - agent_0042

      • HOW TO STOP SMOKING IN FIVE DAYS: As seen in a vintage newspaper article, the 5 day stop smoking plan by Elman Folkenberg and J. Wayne McFarland, M.D. includes cold-turkey cessation rather than long-term tapering off, abstinence from alcoholic beverages, coffee and other caffeinated drinks, diet modification, exercise and deep breathing, and dependence on a higher power. - Suzanne

      • (1) "LIVE" WATCH: As was the case last week, tonight's live broadcast kept the opening words "And now, live from New York..." uncut on the kinescope copy of this episode. Further details of the editing of the word "live" from kinescopes of some subsequent live broadcasts, and the reasons for such editing, can be found in the notes to EPISODE #696 of January 19, 1964, as well as in the notes to the previous EPISODE #697.
        (2) In her introduction of Martin Gabel, Dorothy mentioned that he had just completed filming of his role in the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Marnie," which will hit the theatres in the summer of 1964. Mr. Gabel played "Sidney Strutt" in the film, which also starred Tippi Hedren as the title character and Sean Connery as "Mark Rutland." Mr. Connery will be the first mystery guest on "WML?" EPISODE #784 of October 3, 1965 - an episode on which Martin, ironically enough, was guest panelist.
        (3) For tonight's 14th anniversary show, among the fabled four panelists assembled this evening, Dorothy was the only panelist to have also been on the very first "WML?" EPISODE #1 of February 2, 1950; Arlene didn't appear until the second show, which was EPISODE #2 of February 16, 1950. - W-B

      • More than six months after George Burns' mystery guest appearance tonight, on August 27, 1964, his wife and longtime performing partner, Gracie Allen, died of a heart attack in Hollywood, California. According to IMDb, her age was 69. Gracie was interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery, and after George's death on March 9, 1996, she would be buried above him because, in George's words, he "wanted her to have top billing." It was during the period immediately following Miss Allen's death that Mr. Burns embarked on the ill-fated sitcom "Wendy and Me," which co-starred Connie Stevens and ran on ABC from September 14, 1964 to September 6, 1965. It would be another decade after Gracie's death before George became a major star again with his role in the 1975 movie "The Sunshine Boys." - W-B

      • George Burns was delightful during his appearance. He confounded the panel, especially Dorothy. The thing that really made it funny was that when Dorothy asked him if he were recently in San Juan, Puerto Rico. he answered "yes." He was pulling her leg so much that she fell for it. Also, Martin Gabel asked if he were Bobby Darin. The ironic thing about this is that Bobby Darin will join the panel next week. - Sargebri

      • Bennett asked Mr. Folkenberg if he is related to the actress Jinx Falkenburg. (In spite of the spelling differences in their surnames.) The answer was "no," but he said he gets called by the name. Jinx Falkenburg was a previous WML guest panelist on EPISODE #66 of September 2, 1951. Her episode is one of the very early ones which is lost to history. - Suzanne

      • Since "What's My Line?" was first broadcast on February 2, 1950 - exactly fourteen years to the day from tonight's edition - this was the "fourteenth anniversary" show. Only one other "WML?" episode was telecast on the exact same day of February 2 as that first show, EPISODE #400 of February 2, 1958. Ironically, last week's mystery guest, Jonathan Winters, was a guest panelist on that 1958 edition. - Suzanne + W-B

      • Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Martin Gabel, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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