What's My Line?

Season 15 Episode 28


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 08, 1964 on CBS



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Martin: Are you appearing on Broadway?
      Steve Allen: In front of my hotel, yes.

    • Steve Lawrence: John, to me, a band-aid is someone who works with an orchestra! (loud laughter from audience)
      John: I can see...
      Arlene: We were missing Bennett Cerf, until that moment.
      John: We get rid of Bennett -- we get him all the down in South America and then look what happens. Steve comes and does it to us.

    • Steve Lawrence: Um, can it be worn, I mean, outside of, like, clothing? Can I rule out that it is not a piece of clothing that you can wear like a... a...
      John: "Can you rule out that it is not a piece of clothing?"
      Steve Lawrence: Yes! (laughter from audience)
      John: Now your question is "is it a piece of clothing?"
      Steve Lawrence: No, that's not my question, John. That's your question.

  • Notes

    • REVIEW: This was one episode where the panel truly looked as if they were having a lot of fun. They might have had a .500 record for the night, but they still looked as if they really enjoyed themselves. In the first game, which was a mystery guest round, Martin correctly identified the recently-retired St. Louis Cardinals star, Stan "The Man" Musial. Stan was on the show to talk about his current position, under President Lyndon Johnson, as head of the President's Council on Physical Fitness. At John's urging, Stan also related a story about how the late President Kennedy had called him when he hit .343 at the age of 42. Stan said that President Kennedy congratulated him and told him that he (Musial) was proof that "life begins at 40." Unfortunately, in the second game, the panel was absolutely stumped by the lady who inspected and packed Band-Aids. The fun really began when former WML panelist Steve Allen walked out from behind the curtain and initially signed in as "Ted Mack." During his game, Steve Allen kept the panel in stitches. Steverino had come to New York to see guest panelist Steve Lawrence perform on Broadway in the musical "What Makes Sammy Run?" The panel thought that Steverino had returned to his home in California, but Steverino fooled everyone by staying in New York. It was very ironic that guest panelist Steve Lawrence began the questioning and also correctly identified Steverino, since it was Steve Allen who gave Steve Lawrence and his wife, Eydie Gormé, their start when they appeared on the "Tonight Show" show during the era when Steve Allen was hosting it. Steve Allen and Steve Lawrence had remained very close since that time, and you could see it as the two embraced as Allen left the stage. Steverino's humorous appearance probably had an effect on the panel in the final game, as they were unable to guess that the final contestant was a honey broker. Nevertheless, this still turned out to be a very fun evening. - Sargebri

      SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT RULES: This was quite an interesting broadcast. Normally, if there are two mystery guests on the show, the panel usually plays the first round the same as a regular game, except for the addition of blindfolds, if the WML production team thought the panel would recognize the mystery guest. This was one of the first times that the panel played the first mystery guest round exactly like the regular mystery guest round. They were given one question each before the questioning rotated. - Sargebri

      Stan Musial probably wanted to kick himself a few months later. At the conclusion of the 1963 season, Stan "The Man" decided to retire after a successful 20 year career that would eventually lead to the Baseball Hall of Fame. However, Stan's appearance must have been a good omen as his former team, the St. Louis Cardinals, would go on to win the 1964 World Series, defeating the New York Yankees in seven games in what would be the Yanks' final Series appearance for twelve years. - Sargebri

    • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the first mystery challenger, Stan Musial, at four down. Stan had been identified, though. Next, John flipped them all for the second contestant at seven down because time was starting to run short. Finally, John flipped all the cards for Steve Allen, the second mystery challenger, at just one down after Steve was identified. - agent_0042

    • (1) Martin Gabel introduces "our panel moderator" as "J.C. Daly" tonight. This is the first time that John has been introduced by that appellation.
      (2) At the time of his appearance as the first mystery guest tonight, Stan Musial had just retired as an active player, ending a two-decades-long career with the St. Louis Cardinals (1941-1963, missing the 1945 season due to military service in World War II) where he primarily served as left fielder, topped the .300 mark 17 times, and played in three World Championship teams (1942, 1944 and 1946) and one National League champion team (1943).
      (3) BASEBALL HALL OF FAME TRIBUTE - In 2006, GSN aired this episode twice: first in regular rotation on June 3, 2006, then again on July 15, 2006 as part of a month-long airing of "WML?" episodes with at least one game featuring a figure from the world of baseball, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Baseball Hall of Fame. - W-B (2006)

    • (1) There was no product advertising logo on the panel desk or sign-in board frame. From Gil Fates' logs, we know the primary advertiser this week was Geritol. - Suzanne (2004)
      (2) This kinescope seemingly suffered from a degraded soundtrack quality. - Suzanne (2006)
      (3) Tonight's show had no visible original sponsor, as based on the June 3, 2006 GSN opening which started midway through the opening credits, at the point where the "WHAT'S MY LINE" title letters assemble together, followed by a "horse" where the rear end emerges and inserts the question mark. In addition, as previously noted, there was no product advertising logo on the panel desk or on the sign-in chalkboard. - W-B (2006)

    • Panel: Arlene Francis, Steve Lawrence, Dorothy Kilgallen, Martin Gabel. Bennett Cerf is vacationing in South America and will be gone for 3 weeks total. This is his second missed week.

    • Stan Musial discusses his role as the national physical fitness director under President Johnson, and tells the story of when President Kennedy called him on the phone to congratulate him while he was playing baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. - Jim's TV Collectables

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