What's My Line?

Season 15 Episode 41


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 07, 1964 on CBS



  • Notes

    • (1) "LIVE" WATCH: Tonight's live transmission was the 12th known episode to have the word "live" edited out of the kinescope recording.
      (2) THE LOOK OF THINGS: With the nameplates returned to the panel's and Mr. Daly's desks, the white dot that had been seen to the top right of Arlene's surname on her nameplate in recent weeks has disappeared.
      (3) "WML?" END CREDITS WATCH: On tonight's show, the end credits cut off after the slide card graphic for set designer Willard Levitas. However, as based on the end credits of the future EPISODE #728 of August 30, 1964, which was taped immediately prior to this edition, the usual crew is in place behind the scenes: production supervisor Milt Myers, associate director Dan F. Smith, technical director Carl Schutzman, 'Audio' B.A. Taylor, and lighting director Gene Ulrich. - W-B