What's My Line?

Season 15 Episode 43


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 21, 1964 on CBS



  • Notes

    • (1) HAPPY FATHER'S DAY: Ironically, given that tonight's June 21, 1964 episode first aired on Father's Day 1964, GSN's 2006 airing of this episode also fell on a Father's Day - June 18, 2006, in the early morning hours. The two shows were only a mere 42 years apart!
      (2) "LIVE" WATCH: Tonight's live telecast was the 14th known occurrence of the word "live" being cut from the intro on the kinescope recording.
      (3) FEELING JUMPY? This episode's kinescope jumps from Dorothy taking her position at the panel desk directly to Marty Ingels' curtain entrance, with her introduction of Mr. Ingels likewise missing or cut out. She is heard saying "Thank you," however, at the point of the cut. Most likely, this was not an intentional cut, but was the result of a damaged or broken kinescope that was not properly repaired.
      (4) MORE ABOUT MYSTERY GUEST FRANK FONTAINE: The late Frank Fontaine (1920-1978) was actually a regular on the 1962-1966 incarnation of Jackie Gleason's long-running variety series, which had been called "Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine." Only once did Mr. Fontaine appear as "Crazy Guggenheim" on what became the final incarnation of "The Jackie Gleason Show," on the December 30, 1967 edition, which also featured Kate Smith, Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra, and previous "WML?" mystery guest Louis Armstrong (who performed his then-new record "What a Wonderful World," originally released that year as ABC Records single #10982; that song, which only "bubbled under" on its first release, would become a hit in 1987 upon its inclusion in the Robin Williams movie "Good Morning Vietnam"). The last known time Fontaine played "Crazy Guggenheim" to Gleason's "Joe the Bartender" was in 1972, when The Great One co-hosted "The Mike Douglas Show" for a week.
      (5) PSA WATCH: During the end credits, Johnny Olson's PSA ends with the message, "Only you can prevent forest and grassland fires." - W-B