What's My Line?

Season 15 Episode 45


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 05, 1964 on CBS

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  • What's My Line - Episode 720 - with Peter Gabel - old time TV at its best.

    This episode of What's My Line is my absolute favorite episode. The first game is the famous episode where the "Special Mystery Guest" is Peter Gabel (Arlene Francis's son). Arlene has no idea who it is!! This eipsode is an absolute hoot!! Peter gives several No answers in a row before he gives his Mother the first Yes. That is classic!! Arlene almost begins to figure it out and then she asks if the "Special Mystery Guest" wears a sandwich board!! Peter's reaction to that question is priceless!! Arlene's reaction to Peter when his identity is finally revealed is an absolute gem!! It is this kind of episode that is the absolute best of What's My Line. This is what made this What's My Line so great. This episode is simply old time TV at its best. This episode could not be duplicated today. That is sad.