What's My Line?

Season 15 Episode 47


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 19, 1964 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF ALERT: A blindfolded Bennett asked mystery guest Jack Palance if he was ever on the "WML?" panel and Mr. Palance, doing a Spanish-language voice, answered in the affirmative. In fact, Jack never appeared on the "WML?" panel at any time during its run on CBS; his only other appearance was also as a mystery guest, on EPISODE #286 of November 27, 1955. - W-B

  • Quotes

    • Bennett: Can we eliminate ears?
      John Vadas: Yes.
      John Daly: Well, it would be hard to eliminate yours, but I guess if you wanted to... (laughter from audience)

  • Notes

    • JACK PALANCE TRIBUTE: This episode was broadcast by GSN on November 20, 2006, during the second half-hour of the weekly B&W Overnight hour, as a tribute to Jack Palance who had died on November 10, 2006. - jimarnone

    • REVIEW: This was a fairly good night for the panel, rather, it was a good night for Arlene, as they went 2 for 3 tonight. In the first game, the panel was down to their last question when Arlene called for a well-timed conference in which she correctly guessed that Mr. Fulton was a bullfighter. In fact, he was the first American to achieve the rank of matador in Spain. Arlene also got the correct guess in the second game when she correctly guessed that the contestant had something to do with lipstick. It was quite funny to see her lick her lips as she indicated that she knew what product he was associated with. It was also cute when she pantomimed putting on lipstick. However, it was Dorothy who correctly guessed that he tested lipstick. The only slip-up tonight occurred in the mystery guest round. For the second week in a row, the panel failed to identify the night's guest, Jack Palance, who used nearly fluent Italian to fool the panel and totally fake them out. Jack was on the show to promote his latest picture "Contempt," which also featured international sex symbol Brigitte Bardot. He also promoted his television series "The Greatest Show on Earth." Despite the miss in the mystery guest round, this still was a fun night. - Sargebri (2006)

    • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the second contestant at eight down, but the panel had correctly ascertained that he tests lipsticks. John flipped the remaining card for the mystery challenger, Jack Palance, at nine down. Time was definitely running short and the panel wasn't getting anywhere. - agent_0042

    • (1) "LIVE" WATCH: Tonight's live transmission was the 18th known show on which the word "live" was cut from the intro on the kinescope recording, only once again, transitioning as "And now...[click] --ve from New York..."
      (2) JACK PALANCE: "The Greatest Show On Earth" was not the last regular series Mr. Palance would be involved with. More than a decade after tonight's show, he played the role of "Lt. Alex Bronkov" on the short-lived TV series "Bronk" which ran on CBS from September 21, 1975 to July 18, 1976. Ironically, the program ran on Sundays from 10:00-11:00 P.M., the second half-hour of which was once occupied by "WML?" The Emmy-nominated "Bronk's" executive producers were Bruce Geller (of "Mission: Impossible" fame) and series creator Carroll O'Connor (who played "Archie Bunker" on the ground-breaking 1971-1979 sitcom "All in the Family" and its 1979-1983 sequel "Archie Bunker's Place").
      (3) BAD PUN ALERT: In a recurring reference to the "crow" story of two weeks previous, Bennett told another tale, which, as he did from time to time with other bad puns, he attributed to "our panel moderator." Tonight's yarn was about a member of the Crow Indian tribe who came down with the sniffles and voiced his desire to the Indian Chief by saying, "A bit of linen for which I hanker, Chief." The last two words of Bennett's punch line, when strung together, made up a play on the word "handkerchief."
      (4) "WML?" CREW CREDITS WATCH: For the second week in a row, Ted Miller is substituting for Carl Schutzman as technical director. Also, André St. Laurent is filling in for regular associate director Dan F. Smith.
      (5) "BEST TO YOU" - TWICE - FOR THE JACK PALANCE TRIBUTE: GSN aired this episode on November 20, 2006 as a tribute to Jack Palance, who died on November 10, 2006. Ironically, on that day, this Kellogg's-sponsored show immediately followed GSN's "regular" "WML?" airing of EPISODE #755 of March 14, 1965, where the cereal maker was the opening sponsor. Prior to the JACK PALANCE TRIBUTE airing, this episode had last aired in regular rotation on June 22, 2006. - W-B (2006)

    • THE ANSWER REGARDING THAT LOST ADDRESS BOOK: During the mystery guest questioning of Jack Palance, Dorothy yet again asks, "Did you ever drop your address book out of a helicopter?" She received a "no" from Jack. On EPISODE #727 of August 23, 1964, she would ask the same question to mystery guest Bob Cummings, and again on EPISODE #784 of October 3, 1965 to mystery guest Sean Connery. The answer to who lost that address book was actually revealed the first time Dorothy posed the same question, to mystery guest Bob Hope, on EPISODE #589 of November 19, 1961. On that occasion, she revealed she was thinking of Tony Perkins, who was filming his role in the movie "Phaedra" in Greece at the time. Based on that 1961 "WML?" episode, we know that it was Mr. Perkins who had dropped his address book out of a helicopter while flying over the Greek Isles. Unfortunately, on Tony's only "WML?" mystery guest appearance after making "Phaedra," which was on EPISODE #652 of February 17, 1963, Dorothy was absent from the panel and thus was unable to ask the "lost address book" question to him directly. Nor was Dolly Mae able to ask Tony that question on his final "WML?" appearance, on EPISODE #739 of November 22, 1964, because Mr. Perkins was a guest panelist that night, instead of a mystery guest. - Suzanne & W-B

    • Jack Palance promoted his upcoming 1964 film, "Contempt." (This is the USA title and release year, having been previously released in Italy in 1963 under the title "Le Mépris.") He co-starred with Brigitte Bardot. Also mentioned was his 1963-1964 television series, "The Greatest Show on Earth." - Suzanne (2004)

    • This is one night the panel should thank the ladies for saving them. Arlene called for a conference and just happened to guess that John Fulton was a bullfighter. In fact, Fulton was the first American to reach the rank of matador in Spain. (Other Americans who reached that rank did so in Mexico.) Also, it was Arlene who figured out that John Vadas had something to do with lipstick, but it was Dorothy who correctly guessed that he was a lipstick tester. Jack Palance really bamboozled the panel by speaking Italian. Not coincidentally, he had filmed his latest motion picture in Italy. Almost 30 years later, at age 73, Palance provided some memorable television moments when he performed one-armed push-ups during his acceptance speech for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of the sinister cowboy "Curly Washburn" in the 1991 film "City Slickers." - Sargebri (2004)

      For more on Palance's athletic stunt. visit:

    • The audience laughed when Dorothy asked the bullfighter, "Do you ever get off the ground with what you do?" and "Is there velocity involved?" Arlene showed some cute mock exasperation toward Bennett when she said, "Oh, he's a troublemaker!" - Suzanne

    • Tidbits from Suzanne:
      (1) HOW KIND OF YOU: During the introductions, Allen Ludden announced that Arlene Francis opens tomorrow, Monday, July 20, 1964, in Westport, Connecticut in the comedy play "Kind Sir."
      (2) Allen Ludden is opening on August 3, 1964 in the musical "Mr. President."
      (3) There has been a 3-day heat wave in New York, and John Daly announces that the temperature this evening is a toasty 86 degrees (F) outside.

    • Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Allen Ludden, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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