What's My Line?

Season 16 Episode 11


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Nov 15, 1964 on CBS
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Game 1: Luis Miguel Dominguin (11/9/1926 - 5/8/1996) - "Spain's Celebrated Bullfighter" (as Mystery Guest #1, the panel was blindfolded and the standard mystery guest questioning format was used; self-employed; his English skills were limited, so John Daly did much of the speaking during his game; Arlene stated that she had just read a book by Peter Viertel titled "Love Lies Bleeding" that had been dedicated to Dominguin; Dominguin stated that Viertel was a good friend of his, but he had not yet read the novel because he could not read English, but the book's Spanish translation was due out in a few days so he would be reading it soon; upon exiting the stage, Dominguin shook hands with Bennett, but in the more European style, after Groucho jokingly kissed his own wrist, Dominguin kissed Groucho Marx on both of Groucho's cheeks; see notes about Dominguin below)

Game 2: Jed Johnson, Jr. (12/27/1939 - 12/16/1993) - "Congressman Elect, Youngest in Congress Since 1797" (salaried; from Chickasha OK, he is the newly elected Democrat member of the House of Representatives, representing Oklahoma; he is currently 24 years old and is under the constitutional age requirement of 25 years of age, therefore, he won't be able to legally serve until he turns age 25 on December 27, 1964; he donated his game winnings to the Oklahoma College For Women Chapel Fund in Chickasha, Oklahoma and mentioned that his mother was an alumnus of this college)

Game 3: Anne Bancroft (9/17/1931 - 6/6/2005) (as Mystery Guest #2) . .moreless

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    Luis Miguel Dominguin

    Luis Miguel Dominguin

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    Anne Bancroft

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      • REVIEW: Despite all the confusion created by the One, the Only, Groucho Marx, the panel still wound up having a fairly good performance this evening. In the first game, the panel was blindfolded because they probably would have recognized Louis Dominguin. However, Bennett was able to figure out that Senor Dominguin was a bullfighter. Next, Arlene correctly determined that he was Dominguin, one of her favorite bullfighters. After the game, they discussed the book that had been thought to be based on the matador's life. In the second game, Bennett once again showed how good he was when he correctly guessed that Jed Johnson Jr. of Oklahoma was a congressman. It was later revealed that he was the youngest congressman to be legally elected. He was 24 at the time of his election, but was to turn 25, the legal age to serve in congress, in December. Unfortunately, the only misstep for the panel took place in the mystery guest round when they failed to identify Anne Bancroft. Anne was on the show to promote the film "The Pumpkin Eater." She also joked with Groucho, who asked if she was an old Buick. That definitely helped to ease the pain of the panel's loss. - Sargebri (2006)

        Groucho Marx got some laughs when he said he found out that Richard Nixon had moved into his neighborhood. Groucho said that he didn't mind Nixon living there - as long as Nixon wasn't in Washington. - Sargebri (2006)

        During the post game chat, Anne Bancroft was asked about her husband. Earlier that year, Anne married comedy great Mel Brooks. The seemingly mismatched pair remained married until Anne's death in 2005. - Sargebri (2006)

      • FLIP REPORT: In the second game, John flipped all the cards for the only regular contestant of the night at five down. Bennett had guessed that he was a newly elected congressman. His winnings were being donated to the Oklahoma College For Women Chapel Fund, at the college that his mother had attended. - agent_0042

      • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: The opening sponsor for tonight's "WML?" episode is Procter & Gamble's Crest toothpaste.
        (2) "LIVE" WATCH: This was the 26th known surviving kinescope recording of a live broadcast on which the word "live" was cut out of the announcer's introduction.
        (3) "WML?" ANNOUNCER WATCH: It is not known who announced the prior EPISODE #737, as that episode is lost to history, but regular announcer Johnny Olson is definitely back for tonight's show.
        (4) During the opening curtain entrance, Groucho introduces Arlene as "Mrs. Martin Gabel of The Seven Little Gabels." This was a multi-layered pun, on both Nathaniel Hawthorne's literary classic "The House of the Seven Gables" and the 1955 Bob Hope movie "The Seven Little Foys." Dorothy came on stage before Groucho this time, unlike his previous guest panelist appearance on EPISODE #482 of September 20, 1959 in which he introduced her as "Mrs. Richard Kollmar, frequently known as Dorothy Kilgallen." Also, besides his attention-grabbing hat, Groucho was the only one on the panel tonight to wear a business suit and straight tie, as he had in his earlier 1959 guest panelist appearance.
        (5) After the June 2005 Anne Bancroft tribute, GSN next aired this episode in regular rotation on July 6, 2006. - W-B (2006)

        ANNE BANCROFT TRIBUTE: GSN aired this episode on June 12, 2005 as part of a 2-hour tribute to Anne Bancroft, who had died on June 6, 2005. Also shown were "WML" EPISODE #620 of July 1, 1962 and EPISODE #658 of April 7, 1963 and "Password" EPISODE #27 of July 10, 1962 on which Miss Bancroft and Robert Goulet were featured. - W-B (2005)

      • This particular episode managed to stay quiet for all of ten seconds. Just like the last time he was on the panel in 1959, once Groucho hit the stage all hell broke loose. Anne Bancroft was even more of a scream, so to speak, than Groucho was with that high-pitched voice of hers. Bancroft promoted her 1964 film, "The Pumpkin Eater." A brief mention was made of her recent marriage to Mel Brooks, who she married on August 5th of the same year. As of 2004, they are still married and have one son, Max Brooks, who was born in 1972. - Sargebri (2004)

        Several years before his appearance on the show, Senor Dominguin was involved in a very passionate love affair with Ava Gardner. Of course, Ms. Gardner was married to Dolly Mae Kilgallen's infamous sparring partner, Francis Albert Sinatra, from November 1951 to July 1957. - Sargebri (2004)

      • LUIS MIGUEL DOMINGUIN (1926-1996) - Born Luis Miguel Gonzalez Lucas, this famous bullfighter from Spain was better known as Luis Miguel Dominguin. His father was the legendary matador Luis Miguel Dominguin, so he adopted his father's bullfighting nickname to gain popularity. He was greatly admired during the 1940s and 1950s, becoming a legend on his own as he conquered bulls all over Spain, Portugal and Colombia. He was a socialite, counting among his close friends Pablo Picasso and Ava Gardner, with whom he had a romance. Ernest Hemingway chronicled him in his book, "The Dangerous Summer," which was published posthumously in 1985. - Suzanne Astorino (2004)

      • Arlene Francis identified the bullfighter, and stated that she had just read a book about him. Groucho was in his true form. The audience laughed at his reference to "the most favorite indoor sport." His hat drew a lot of conversation as well. He said it belonged to his wife! He was still as sharp as ever! - ironcreekguy

      • Tidbits: While not as funny as What's My Line? EPISODE #482 on September 20, 1959 which featured Groucho Marx as a guest panelist, this episode still has its moments.

      • Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Groucho Marx, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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