What's My Line?

Season 16 Episode 21


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 24, 1965 on CBS
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Game 1: Miss Sandi Kane - "Demonstrates Exercise Equipment" (salaried; Sandi works for Diversified Products Corp. of Opelika, Alabama; she is from Atlanta, GA)

Game 2: Bob Angell - "Sells Knitting Needles" (salaried; he is the regional manager for Susan Bates Knitting Needles Co; he politely corrected Mr. Daly who said his company name was C.J. Bates & Son; I suspect the name Mr. Daly gave is the holding company as these two companies seem to be related, or maybe there had been a recent spinoff; the contestant said they produce aluminum, wood and plastic knitting needles; from Rochester, NY)

Game 3: Jack Lemmon (2/8/1925 - 6/27/2001) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless

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    John Daly

    John Daly

    Moderator (1950-1967)

    Bennett Cerf

    Bennett Cerf

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    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Regular Panelist (1950-1965)

    Jack Lemmon

    Jack Lemmon

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    Kitty Carlisle

    Kitty Carlisle

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    William Shatner

    William Shatner

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      • John: And we'll begin the questioning with, uh, Dorothy Kilgallen.
        Dorothy: Mr. Angell, may I rule out that you make angel food cake?
        Bob: Pardon? I'm sorry?
        John: May -- may miss Kilgallen rule out that you make angel food cake? Angel food cake.
        Bob: I do not. No.
        John: Yes, you may rule it out, he does not, no. Yes.

    • NOTES (9)

      • STARDATE 12465.748!!! This was a very good night for the panel as they managed to make up for the previous week's shut out by scoring a perfecto. Unfortunately, regular panelist, Broadway star and all-around "good egg" Arlene Francis was missing in action. Filling in for her was Mrs. Kitty Carlisle Hart, the grand dame of the panel show "To Tell the Truth." Both "TTTT" and "What's My Line?" appeared on the same network, CBS. Also on the panel this evening was a new face, the future captain of the starship Enterprise, William Shatner (aka Captain James T. Kirk). The evening got started on an excellent note when accomplished publisher, bon vivant and bad pun teller Bennett Cerf correctly guessed that the young lady, who was the subject of flirtatious advances by Bill, demonstrated exercise equipment. In the second game, noted newspaperwoman Dorothy Mae Kilgallen correctly guessed that the gentleman contestant had something to do with knitting needles. For the record, he sold the items in question. In the mystery guest round, Bennett voluntarily disqualified himself when he recognized his good friend Jack Lemmon, even though Jack was using a voice that sounded like Peter Falk. However, Kitty was able to see through Jack's ruse and was able to correctly identify her and Bennett's good friend. Jack was on the show to promote the comedy "How to Murder Your Wife." Jack also joked about how hard it was getting to the studio due to the fact that he had had to wait for both Kitty and Bennett to leave Bennett's house before he could leave for the studio. This definitely was a successful mission for the crew of "What's My Line?" - Sargebri (2006)

        As was mentioned during Dorothy's introduction, William Shatner was soon to begin appearing on the short-lived legal drama "For the People." A few months after this WML episode aired, the first pilot for the show that would make Bill a household name would be filmed. Of course, that show was the classic science-fiction series "Star Trek." Interestingly, Bill did not appear in the original pilot. That first pilot, "The Cage," was filmed with Jeffery Hunter in the role of "Captain Christopher Pike," Majel Barrett (the wife of series creator Gene Roddenberry) in the role of first mate "Number One" and Leonard Nimoy in the role that would gain him fame, "Mr. Spock." However, when the pilot was presented to the brass of NBC, they rejected it due to its being too "cerebral." Roddenberry then decided to shoot a second pilot entitled "Where No Man Has Gone Before" with Bill replacing Jeffrey and the character renamed "James T. Kirk." In fact, the only member of the original cast that was retained was Leonard Nimoy, with the character of "Spock" greatly altered. In the first pilot, "Spock" was more excitable and showed emotion. However, in the second pilot, "Spock" was given the logical, unemotional characterization that helped make the character one of the most iconic in television history. As for the first pilot, portions of that episode were used in the two-part episode "The Menagerie." In that episode, Kirk and Spock review the events of what happened in the first pilot. However, Jeffery Hunter was unavailable, so a different actor, Sean Kenney, wearing heavy makeup that made him look as if he suffered disfiguring burns played the role of "Pike" with the explanation that "Pike" suffered the burns in an accident and was left a total invalid and unable to speak as a result. - Sargebri (2006)

      • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the first contestant at four down. Bennett had identified her line as "demonstrates gymnasium equipment," although technically the line displayed was "demonstrates exercise equipment." - agent_0042

      • (1) KILGALLEN & CARLISLE - FINAL JOINT APPEARANCE: This was the second and final time that Dorothy Kilgallen and Kitty Carlisle appeared together on the "WML?" panel. The first time was on EPISODE #665 of May 26, 1963. This was especially ironic in hindsight, as within some ten months of tonight's show, Dorothy unexpectedly died, and on the first post-Kilgallen "WML?" edition, EPISODE #790 of November 14, 1965, Kitty appeared on the panel in the seat that had just been vacated by the recently departed Dolly Mae. Even though Kitty appeared rarely on "WML?" over the years, she was considered "family," since she was employed by Goodson-Todman Productions and was a regular panelist on "To Tell the Truth."
        (2) GSN aired this episode on October 2, 2006, in a return of the show after more than a month's absence from the GSN schedule. The program, at this point, has aired on a weekly basis as the first half of a reconstituted, once-a-week "Black and White Overnight."
        (3) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: The opening sponsor as seen at the start of the program was Bayer Aspirin.
        (4) "LIVE" WATCH: This edition is the 34th known surviving kinescope copy of a live transmission to have the word "live" cut from the introduction.
        (5) "WML?" CREW CREDITS WATCH: Starting with tonight's show, the final slide card graphic of a man wearing headphones in front of multiple TV monitors with himself on each screen, is divided into two parts, with the positions of associate director and program staff on the first card and the other positions - production supervisor, technical director, audio and lighting director (in that order) - on the second card. As for the newly-listed position of "program staff," Alyce Finell will be credited in that capacity on most shows from tonight's episode through 1966. The rest of the crew is same as always. - W-B (2006)

      • LIVE LONG AND PROSPER - Even though William Shatner's new series "For the People" had the advantage of appearing on television right after "The Ed Sullivan Show," it had the distinct disadvantage of being shown opposite "Bonanza." At this time, "Bonanza" was even higher rated than Ed Sullivan. In those "pre-remote control" days, people actually got themselves out of their easy chairs to turn from CBS to NBC for the Cartwrights, and then got back up to change back from NBC to CBS in time for "Candid Camera" then WML. This was a lot of work for a Sunday evening in those days! That 9:00 PM Sunday slot was a big hole for CBS as long as "Bonanza" was on the air. It is always weird to see Shatner in anything but "Star Trek," especially so close to when the show was made. This WML appearance by Shatner is only about 8 months before the filming of the second Trek pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before." During its original run, Trek was never really any kind of a hit. In fact, there are those in Hollywood who think it actually ruined Shatner's career. There was an actual time when William Shatner was considered potentially one of the Future Big Stars. Trek was supposed to do for him what "Rawhide" had done for Clint Eastwood. Or what "Wanted: Dead or Alive" had done for Steve McQueen. Or for that matter, ironically, what "Star Trek: The Next Generation" did for Patrick Stewart's career. - Louie Sherwood aka exapno99 (2004)

      • TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO GUEST PANELIST HAS GONE BEFORE!!! This was a year before William Shatner took on the role that forever made him a household name as Captain James T. Kirk on the classic Star Trek. At the time he made his appearance on the panel, he was getting ready for the debut of his short-lived series "For the People." He made a good accounting of himself by asking several excellent questions of the first contestant and opening a few doors for the other panelists. He also got the biggest laugh when he asked Sandi for her phone number. The very shapely Sandi immediately came back with the zinger, "It's just been changed." More laughs! It was interesting to see Kitty Carlisle on the panel. She was the grande dame of "To Tell The Truth" and she was pinch-hitting for Arlene, the grande dame of WML. Her fellow TTTT panelist Orson Bean had been a WML guest panelist two weeks earlier. However, the thing that really made it interesting is the fact that she and Dorothy were on the panel together. A few months later, Miss Carlisle will again be pinch-hitting on the panel as the fill-in for Dorothy, the week after Dorothy's untimely death. Jack Lemmon was hilarious as usual, using a "Peter Falk voice" to try to fool the panel. (He probably chose this voice since he and Peter had been working together in their 1965 film "The Great Race.") Unfortunately, Bennett had to disqualify himself from they mystery guest game. Not only was it apparent that he recognized Lemmon's voice, but Lemmon and Kitty had just dined at Bennett's house prior to this broadcast. Kitty then identified Lemmon when her turn rolled around next. Lemmon promoted his latest 1965 picture, George Axelrod's "How to Murder Your Wife," in which he co-starred with Virna Lisi. - Sargebri (2004)

      • BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY! William Shatner's new series on CBS, "For the People," was plugged on this episode. It was to start the following Sunday, January 31, 1965. Kitty Carlisle took Arlene's place on the panel. It was explained that Arlene was "stuck in the air" somewhere between Jacksonville, FL and NY. Bad weather had disrupted Arlene's flight plans, and Kitty was called upon as an emergency replacement. William Shatner had a curious habit of holding on to the back of Kitty's chair! We've seen other guest panelists do this also. Bennett Cerf disqualified himself during the mystery guest round. Lemmon and Miss Carlisle had just had dinner at Bennett's house. Lemmon said he was now going back for dessert! The first contestant demonstrated exercise equipment, and during her game, Shatner seemed uncomfortable at how well he was doing! The second contestant sold knitting needles, and asked both Kitty and Dorothy if they knitted. They both replied that they did. - ironcreekguy (2004)

      • DAMMIT JIM! I'M A DOCTOR, NOT A GUEST PANELIST! William Shatner's new 1965 television series, "For the People," was given the honored time slot immediately following "The Ed Sullivan Show." You would think that this would guarantee success, yet, Shatner's series lasted a mere 13 episodes. This was the first series shot entirely on the streets of New York City. Even though this series had been highly praised by the critics, it was nevertheless cancelled. Had it been renewed for the next season, Shatner would not have been available to begin work aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise on Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek" (The Original Series, TOS, 1966-1969). "Just as well" we Star Trek fans say! Seeing Shatner on What's My Line? was sheer fun! He was excellent as a first-time guest panelist. He smiled, laughed and seemed to be enjoying himself immensely, ad-libbing several witty comments. Bennett must have been proud of him when Shatner spouted a pun. It had been mentioned that Jack Lemmon's wife, Felicia Farr, was in the studio, and they were wondering where she was. Shatner then said, "If Jack Lemmon is here, can Felicia be very Farr?". Shatner was a good sport, too, even though he was doled out a minor injustice. Shatner asked the exercise lady, "Is it a gymnastic skill?" and received a "no" from Mr. Daly. Moments later, Bennett received a "yes" to his question of "You demonstrate gymnastic equipment?". When her line is revealed, watch as Dorothy shows Shatner her notes. You can bet she noted the inconsistency too. Still, Shatner smiled. Great episode! - Suzanne Astorino (2004)

      • Tidbits: We see a new sponsor, Bayer Aspirin. New York is still gripped in the throes of a cold winter. - Suzanne (2004)

      • William Shatner (b. 3/22/1931)

        Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, William Shatner, Kitty Carlisle, Bennett Cerf.

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