What's My Line?

Season 16 Episode 29


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 21, 1965 on CBS



  • Notes

    • In the first game, we see something rare for WML, where only one panelist is blindfolded and the rest are not. (This unusual circumstance will also happen again on April 10, 1966, when only Jayne Meadows will be blindfolded because the contestant is her husband Steve Allen's secretary.) On this episode, however, it is only Arlene Francis who is blindfolded for the first game. This was necessary because the contestant was her trombone teacher. Arlene looked unhappy when she was told to put on her blindfold, because she was truly puzzled. Alan King almost disqualified himself from this round. He felt he might know who the contestant was, as he stated he had seen her before. Finally, he asks her if she is "the hypnotist" and she replies "no." Although not specifically mentioned, he was undoubtedly thinking she was "Miss Pat Collins, The Hip Hypnotist" who was a contestant on EPISODE #563 of May 7, 1961. Both Lillian and Pat were attractive blond women. Regarding her trombone lessons, Arlene stated that she had a "sore embouchure" and pointed to the area over her lips. The embouchure is the shaping of the lips to the mouthpiece of a wind instrument. The term is also used to refer to the mouthpiece itself. Players also refer to the "embouchure muscles," an informal name for the muscles surrounding the mouth. - Suzanne Astorino (2004)

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