What's My Line?

Season 16 Episode 31


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Apr 04, 1965 on CBS



  • Notes

    • REVIEW: This had to be one of the poorest game performances that the panel ever had. Perhaps the fact that Dorothy wasn't there played a role in it. However, if it wasn't for an easy mystery guest round, the panel probably would have been shut out. The carnage began in the first game when the panel was blindfolded because the first guest was none other than WML's longtime announcer, Johnny Olson. Johnny put in a spectacular performance as he used a variety of voices to completely bamboozle the panel. In the second game, the panel's luck was just as bad as they failed to guess that the contestant was the publisher of the New York City phone book. The panel did get a brief respite in the mystery guest round as they correctly identified the legendary Maurice Chevalier. Monsieur Chevalier was on the show to promote his one-man show. He and John also reminisced about the celebration the two of them were involved in, commemorating Dunkirk. Unfortunately, the panel reverted to form when time ran out as they were questioning the pretty young pool hall manager. That definitely was a fitting way to end the night. - Sargebri (2006)

      JOHNNY OLSON: As was mentioned in the post game chat, WML wasn't the only show that Johnny Olson was currently working on. At the time, Johnny was the announcer for "To Tell the Truth," "Match Game," "I've Got a Secret" as well as "The Jackie Gleason Show," which also featured Dorothy's fill-in, Sheila MacRae. In the 1970's, Johnny would move out west to Hollywood to work as the announcer for the updated versions of "The Price is Right" and "Match Game" as well as several other shows. In fact, it was while working as the announcer for TPIR that Johnny would also deliver one of the most iconic phrases in television history -- "COME ON DOWN!!!" He would continue working as an announcer until his passing. - Sargebri (2006)

      KILGALLEN WATCH!!! As was mentioned during the opening, Dolly Mae was hospitalized due to the lingering effects of her broken shoulder. However, with what is known today, Dorothy might have been hospitalized due to "other" factors. Of course, a few months after the airing of this episode, Dorothy would pass away after her long battle with her addictions. - Sargebri (2006)