What's My Line?

Season 17 Episode 3


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 19, 1965 on CBS



  • Notes

    • WELCOME BACK MARTIN!!! This is the first week of Bennett's vacation and filling his seat on the panel is none other than Martin Gabel. Unfortunately, Bennett's absence is felt as the panel went an abysmal 1 for 3 on the evening. In the first game, the panel failed to guess that the young lady from Montreal by way of England raised worms. In the second game, the panel was again stumped as they failed to guess that the contestant was a female doorman. The panel did regain a measure of self-respect as they correctly identified World Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali (who was also introduced on the overlay with his birth name of Cassius Clay), who used a rather effeminate voice to try to fool the panel. The champ was on the show to promote his upcoming title defense against former champion Floyd Patterson. There was no time for a third game or, for that matter, the customary good nights, and on that note, the show ended. - Sargebri (2007)

      Guest panelist Joe Garagiola was in the middle of his stint as play-by-play man for the New York Yankees and eventually would become the play-by-play man for NBC's "Game of the Week" coverage during the 1970's and 1980's. However, he would make frequent appearances on several game shows as well as become the host of a few game shows. He later would join the panel of the syndicated revival of "To Tell the Truth" and would become the host of that show when Garry Moore retired. In fact, it was during his stint on the panel that one of the most memorable moments in game show history took place. During a 1973 broadcast, the panel had to guess which one of three men was a New York City undercover policeman. The big shock came after the game was over and the identification was made. When it came time for the two imposters to introduce themselves, the panel was shocked when one of the young men turned out to be Joe's son, Joe Jr., and the other imposter turned out to be Kitty Carlisle's son, Chris Hart. That clip has been replayed many times on retrospective shows honoring game shows of the past. - Sargebri (2007)

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