What's My Line?

Season 17 Episode 5


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Oct 03, 1965 on CBS
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Game 1: Sean Connery (b. 8/25/1930) (as Mystery Guest #1)

Game 2: Miss Sue Logelin - "Fills Orders for World Series Tickets" (salaried; she is a student in the junior at the University of Minnesota; John jokingly asked if she brought tickets to the baseball games for him and the panel; from Minneapolis, MN)

Game 3: Henry Fonda (5/16/1905 - 8/12/1982) (as Mystery Guest #2)

Game 4: Al LaBohm - "Inspects Telephone Poles" (salaried; he takes a core sample every 5 years to check for deterioration; from Bellmore, Long Island, NY) . .moreless

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    John Daly

    John Daly

    Moderator (1950-1967)

    Arlene Francis

    Arlene Francis

    Regular Panelist (1950-1967)

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Regular Panelist (1950-1965)

    Sean Connery

    Sean Connery

    Mystery Guest #1

    Guest Star

    Henry Fonda

    Henry Fonda

    Mystery Guest #2

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    Martin Gabel

    Martin Gabel

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      • (1) THE DAYS DWINDLE DOWN: Tonight's show marked the last time Martin Gabel appeared on the panel in Dorothy's lifetime. Of his 112 guest panelist appearances, the remaining 13 were officially "post-Kilgallen."
        (2) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: Tonight's opening sponsor is the Ford Motor Company.
        (3) "LIVE" WATCH: Of those kinescope copies of "WML?" episodes that survive today, this is the 63rd known case of the word "live" being cut from said recording of a live transmission.
        (4) After the special airings of this episode on March 5, 2006 (for the Academy Award winners' tribute) and November 13, 2006 (as a tie-in to the motion picture premiere of the new version of "Casino Royale"), GSN aired tonight's show in its regular rotation on June 11, 2007. Its prior "regular" airing was on July 2, 2004.
        (5) After the June 11, 2007 airing of tonight's show, GSN ran an episode of "Beat the Clock" from its 1969-1974 color syndicated run. On this episode from around 1972, hosted by Jack Narz, the guest was his brother, fellow game-show host Tom Kennedy. At one point in the show, Jack accidently addressed Tom as "Jim." Jack quickly caught his error and made light of his mistake by saying, "See the habit? Tom -- we call him Jim Tom." According to IMDb, Kennedy's birth name was Jim Narz. - W-B (2007)

      • REVIEW: This was a very interesting night for show. Besides the fact that there were two mystery guests, the home audience was shown a photo of the first mystery guest, Sean Connery, prior to the show's opening credits. In that first mystery guest round, Martin, who was very hot this evening, correctly identified Sean. Sean was on the show to promote his latest picture, "The Hill." In the first regular game, John didn't reveal the hometown of the contestant. However, Martin again showed his deductive brilliance when he correctly guessed that the young co-ed had something to do with the distribution of World Series tickets. In the second mystery guest round, a rather sexy looking Dorothy correctly identified Henry Fonda after only two questions. In fact, Henry predicted that it would only take two questions before someone would identify him. Henry was on the show to promote the play "Generation" and talked about the fact that this was not only his 30th anniversary in films, but also his 40th anniversary in show business. In the final game, Arlene correctly guessed that the contestant had something to do with telephone poles. Unfortunately, her identification came after all the cards had been flipped and before they could figure out he was a telephone pole inspector. As a result, he won the full prize by default. This definitely was a great night. - Sargebri (2006)

        SEAN CONNERY: As was mentioned in chat after the first mystery guest round, Sean Connery was in town to promote the film "The Hill." However, his most famous character, "Agent 007, James Bond" was also mentioned. However, Sean preferred talking about his current work, which seemed to be an indicator that he was beginning to tire of the "Bond" role. In fact, the next "Bond" film, 1967's "You Only Live Twice," was thought to be his final film in the role. However, after the relative failure of 1969's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," with George Lazenby in the "Bond" role, Connery returned for 1971's "Diamonds Are Forever," which was his last film in the "official" Bond series. Sean would later return to the role for the film "Never Say Never Again," which was essentially a remake of "Thunderball." Ironically, it was released almost simultaneously with "For Your Eyes Only," which was part of the official series and starred Sean's replacement, Roger Moore. After making "Never," Sean hung up his martini stirrer for good. - Sargebri (2006)

        THE WORLD SERIES: As was mentioned after the second game, the 1965 World Series was set to begin later that week. The series would pit the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Minnesota Twins. However, the most interesting thing about that series was the fact that Dodgers ace Sandy Koufax, who is Jewish, refused to pitch game one, not because of injury, but because it fell on the Jewish holy day Yom Kippur. Nevertheless, the Dodgers still wound up winning the series 4 games to 3. - Sargebri (2006)

      • TEN SECONDS TILL DOOMSDAY, BOND!: There was an unusually large amount of time remaining for the final challenger, approximately seven minutes. This was due in large part to the exceedingly short appearance of Henry Fonda, who was guessed almost immediately and did not stay long to chat. - agent_0042 (2006)

      • FLIP, JAMES FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the first regular contestant at four down, but Martin had figured out her line. John flipped them all for the final contestant at seven down because he was running short of time. Arlene, on a guess, then identified the guest's association with telephone poles. - agent_0042 (2006)

      • THE NAME IS BOND, JAMES BOND: GSN's November 13, 2006 airing of this episode coordinated with the premiere of Casino Royale, the 21st Bond film and the first featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond. - agent_0042 (2006)

      • ABOUT THE FIRST WASHINGTON SENATORS (NOW THE MINNESOTA TWINS): The 1965 World Series was the Minnesota Twins' first trip to the Fall Classic since relocating to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota) in 1961. Prior to the 1960 season, the Twins had been known as the Washington Senators. The first Senators team made it to the World Series a total of three times: in 1924 (winning in seven games against the New York Giants), 1925 (losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates in seven) and 1933 (losing to the Giants in five). The Washington Senators team that was totally shut out of the Series year after year throughout its entire existence was the second version of the team, which played in the Nation's Capitol from 1961 to 1971 (the second Senators remained perennial also-rans even with - and despite - such stalwarts as Gil Hodges and Ted Williams managing at different points), and then moved to Arlington, Texas starting in the 1972 season where they became the Texas Rangers. - W-B (2006)

      • (1) ADDRESS BOOK QUESTION: The earliest known instance of Dorothy Kilgallen asking a male mystery guest if he had ever lost an address book out of a helicopter over the Greek Isles occurred on EPISODE #589 of November 19, 1961, when she posed this unusual question to mystery guest Bob Hope. In the post-game chat on that 1961 episode, Dolly Mae revealed that she had onetime "WML?" guest panelist and mystery guest Anthony "Tony" Perkins in mind. Perkins had appeared in the 1962 movie "Phaedra" which was filmed in Hydra, Greece. In all subsequent times that Dorothy asked this question, including tonight, she never again mentioned Perkins' name.
        (2) GSN AIRS TRIBUTE TO ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS: GSN aired this episode on March 5, 2006 as part of a six-hour-long daytime tribute tying in to Academy Awards night. The tribute lineup that aired was as follows:
        a. "WML?" EPISODE #784 of October 3, 1965; with separate mystery guests Sean Connery and Henry Fonda.
        b. "WML?" EPISODE #844 of January 8, 1967; with mystery guest Jane Fonda.
        c. "WML?" EPISODE #489 of November 8, 1959; with mystery guest duo Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman.
        d. "Password" (daytime edition), May 16, 1967, with celebrity panelists Elizabeth Montgomery and Martin Landau.
        e. "He Said, She Said" from 1970; with John Davidson, Sally Field, Nanette Fabray, Alejandro Rey and their respective spouses.
        f. "WML?" (syndicated version, color); with Michael Caine as mystery guest; taped May 14, 1970.
        g. "Match Game PM" from 1979; with panelists Bart Braverman, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Rita Moreno, Bill Daily and Patti Deutsch.
        h. "WML?" (syndicated version, color); with Gene Hackman ("Star of Film 'The French Connection'") as mystery guest; taped October 14, 1971.
        i. "I've Got a Secret" (syndicated 1972-1973 version, hosted by Steve Allen) with guest celebrity Cliff Robertson.
        j. "WML?" (syndicated version, color); with Dustin Hoffman as mystery guest and Joel Grey as guest panelist; taped December 10, 1968. - W-B
        k. "Password Plus" (from July 1979); with Patty Duke and Bill Cullen as guests.
        l. "Match Game '76" (from March 1976); with George Kennedy as guest panelist with fellow panelists Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Lee Meriwether, Richard Dawson and Betty White.
        (3) GSN next aired tonight's episode on November 13, 2006, after their airing of "WML?" EPISODE #754 of March 7, 1965. Notably, both of these episodes were ones in which Bennett Cerf was absent and Martin Gabel took his place. There was also a different commercial spacing format -- in this episode, there was no commercial immediately following John's intro. After these special airings, GSN aired this in "regular" rotation on June 11, 2007. - W-B (2006 & 2007)

      • The panel performed wonderfully this night. They were able to guess Sean Connery despite the fact that he disguised his voice and British accent so well. Also, they were able to guess Henry Fonda in three questions. Martin was successful in guessing that the first contestant dealt with the distribution of World Series tickets. However, the panel ran out of time before they were able to guess that the final contestant inspected telephone poles. Indeed, one could see that Connery was beginning to tire of the James Bond role. He would only work on two more films in the "official" series, 1967's "You Only Live Twice" and 1971's "Diamonds Are Forever." For the record, 1983's "Never Say Never Again" is considered an "unofficial" film in the 007 series due to the fact that it was made by a different production company than the others were, and it was essentially a remake of "Thunderball." More on the 1965 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Minnesota Twins: It was won by the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games, and was notable for two reasons: The first was the fact that Sandy Koufax sat out the first game because it fell on Yom Kippur, the holiest of Jewish holy days. He pitched the seventh, and deciding, game though. He wound up not only winning the game and the series for the Dodgers, but also winning the Most Valuable Player award. The second reason this series was significant was the fact that the Minnesota Twins, under their current name, were making their very first appearance in the Fall Classic. It would take the Twins twenty-two more years to make it back. They wound up winning the 1987 series, beating the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games, and they also defeated the Atlanta Braves in seven as well, in two of the greatest series ever played. - Sargebri (2004)

      • Dorothy said, "Oh, good night, here goes my question again," and after she and Arlene exchanged a few words, Dorothy asked the question we have been hearing since July 1964, that old chestnut, "Did you lose your address book out of a helicopter over the Greek Islands?" While it wasn't Sean Connery, I think we may have gotten our answer when Henry Fonda came out, because Dorothy guessed him immediately and said, "I was thinking of you the first time around." If this is the case, why didn't she also ask Fonda her famous "address book" question? Having said that, Henry Fonda was a mystery guest on September 13, 1964, and she didn't ask him then, either. On that game, Bennett guessed his identity. Dorothy is surrounded by mysteries. Now, if we can only find out the answer to one of her other former cryptic questions, "Did you stay in the Presidential Suite at the Ambassador Hotel?" - talksonthephone

      • Congratulations to Sean Connery for doing one of the best voice disguises in a long time! Ralph Meeker asked Sean Connery if they had ever worked together, and the answer was "no." However, they would work together in the 1971 film "The Anderson Tapes." If Martin had asked him if they had worked together, the answer would have been "yes." Martin appeared with Sean Connery in Alfred Hitchcock's 1964 "Marnie" just a year earlier. Also, Dorothy asked Sean Connery the question she had been asking mystery guests off and on for over a year now. She asked him if he ever dropped his address book out of a helicopter over the Greek Isles. The answer was "no." But, after she figured out Henry Fonda was the second mystery guest, she said, "You were who I was thinking of the first time around." Does this mean that Fonda was the man who last the address book? That perplexing mystery may finally be solved. Or maybe not, as I'm sure that Dorothy thinks of many possibilities during each mystery guest round. - TheAngelTorgo

      • This is the only time in the history of WML where the audience was given a filmed promotional preview of the identity of a mystery guest prior to the beginning of the show. A brief clip of Connery is shown, while an announcer says that Connery will be one of two mystery guests that night. This was clearly done to grab the audience's attention during the height of "James Bond 007 mania." At the time, this mania was building up with frenzied anticipation for the pending release of 1965's "Thunderball" two months later. You can already see the signs of Connery's boredom with the Agent 007 role as he seems more anxious to talk about his latest non-Bond project, 1965's "The Hill" which is opening this week. Connery is also filming "A Fine Madness" which will be released in 1966. Second mystery guest Henry Fonda gets batted off quickly. The panel anticipated long ahead of time that he'd be on eventually, since he is opening on Broadway on Wednesday. He will appear at the Morosco Theatre in the comedy play, "Generation." He said he was celebrating 40 years in show business. - Suzanne Astorino & Eric Paddon

      • Dorothy Watch: Dorothy looks and sounds good. She reprised an oddball question that she had asked other mystery guests - Bob Hope in November 1961; Jack Palance in July 1964; Bob Cummings in August 1964 - when she asked Sean Connery, "Did you ever lose your address book over the Greek Islands, out of a helicopter?" He replied "no." Only on the 1961 episode did we learn that she was thinking of Tony Perkins as the unfortunate man who lost his address book. - Suzanne

      • Tidbits: Bennett is vacationing in Tel Aviv, Israel; Athens, Greece; and Madrid, Spain. Guest panelist Ralph Meeker is Arlene's co-star in her current Broadway play, "Mrs. Dally." It is mentioned that Pope Paul is visiting America tomorrow. When Arlene stated "not Joyce Kilmer's trees" she was referring to the famous poem "Trees" by poet Mr. Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918).

      • Ralph Meeker (11/21/1920 - 8/5/1988)

        Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Ralph Meeker, Arlene Francis, Martin Gabel.

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