What's My Line?

Season 17 Episode 6


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Oct 10, 1965 on CBS



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    • Bennett: Mr. Dick, is your relationship to the Nielsen ratings like General Electric against Westinghouse, or something like that?
      G.W.: Well, I'm so sorry you mentioned that name, but yes, we're both in the business.

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    • HE'S BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Tonight marked Bennett's return from his month-long European vacation/second honeymoon and the panel celebrated his return by going a respectable 2 for 3. In fact, the Squire of Mt. Kisco got things rolling when he correctly guessed that the lovely young lady from Hong Kong was a policewoman. In the second game, the panel wasn't as lucky, as they failed to guess that the contestant was the head of the Arbitron rating service. The panel did better in the mystery guest round as they correctly identified Gordon and Sheila MacRae. Gordon and Sheila were on the "Bell Telephone Hour" earlier that evening and squeezed in an appearance with their favorite panel. This definitely was a great way for Bennett's return to the WML panel. - Sargebri (2007)

      When the MacRaes were being questioned, someone asked if they were famous for doing movies, to which they answered "no." However, Sheila did have a cameo in the film "Bikini Beach," the third in the series of American International's wildly successful "Beach Party" series. Perhaps the main reason Sheila was in the film was that also in the cast was her and Gordon's daughter, Meredith, who was just starting her career. Interestingly, just three short years after this episode aired, the syndicated version of WML debuted in 1968 and on the panel that first week was Meredith, who was taking a break from her role of "Billie Jo Bradley" on the rural comedy "Petticoat Junction." - Sargebri (2007)

    • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the first contestant at four down. Bennett had come close with his guess of "policewoman" but John decided not to make the panel fish for the exact line. John flipped the remaining card for the second contestant at nine down. Arlene indicated afterwards that she was thinking of the contestant's line. - agent_0042 (2007)

    • (1) As with all those "WML?" episodes from this season which were sponsored by a cigarette manufacturer, GSN interrupted the show opening sequence in the middle to put in their own commercial break.
      (2) "LIVE" WATCH: The kinescope of tonight's live show is the 64th known surviving episode to have the word "live" cut from the intro.
      (3) One year, one month and ten days from tonight's show, co-mystery guest Sheila MacRae made her final "WML?" appearance during its "classic CBS" run, on EPISODE #837 of November 20, 1966 - which was taped on October 31, 1966, one year and three weeks after this episode first aired. Sheila would, however, make occasional appearances during the course of the color syndicated "WML?'s" 1968-1975 run, including an appearance on the panel when the very first mystery guest from "WML?" EPISODE #1 of February 2, 1950, Phil Rizzuto, appeared as a mystery guest in an episode taped on February 5, 1970. Her by-then ex-husband, Gordon MacRae, was a mystery guest on the very first week of the syndicated "WML?" in 1968, on which their daughter, "Petticoat Junction" co-star Meredith MacRae, was among the panel.
      (4) Following GSN's June 18, 2007 airing of tonight's show, the channel aired an episode of the 1955 game show "Make the Connection." The host here was future "ABC Wide World of Sports" anchor Jim McKay, and the panel consisted of Betty White (already, at this early date, on her way to becoming a perennial favorite among Goodson-Todman panelists), Gene Klavan (who in 1952 replaced another "MTC" host, Gene Rayburn, as Dee Finch's on-air partner on New York radio station WNEW [1130 AM]), Gloria DeHaven and Eddie Bracken, with celebrity guest Diana Lynn. A side note about Miss DeHaven: For a few years starting in 1969, she was host of a morning movie show called "Prize Movie" which aired on WABC-TV (Channel 7) in New York. - W-B (2007)

    • Welcome back, Bennett! Bennett returns from his four week vacation and he hasn't lost a step. Almost immediately, he and John are trading barbs again. More importantly, Bennett manages to guess the occupation of the first contestant. However, it was an average night, as they were unable to guess the second contestant's occupation as the head of the Arbitron Rating Service. Coincidentally, Arbitron's main competitor was also a WML contestant on February 16, 1964: A.C. Nielsen, Jr., founder of the A.C. Nielsen Rating Service. On that show, after the panel identified Nielsen, they began showing him false affection in a funny attempt to boost their ratings! This time however, they did not try to butter up the head of Arbitron! Gordon and Sheila MacRae were funny as usual. They had just finished an appearance on the Bell Telephone Hour. They were on their way to see the Broadway opening of "Drat! The Cat!" featuring Elliott Gould, Barbra Streisand's then-current husband, and a young Lesley Ann Warren. This was a few years before Miss Warren replaced Barbara Bain on "Mission: Impossible," and several years before she appeared in the music video for the Aerosmith hit, "Janie's Got a Gun." Jack Jones, who was a mystery guest a few weeks earlier, did an acceptable job, even though he really didn't get a chance to ask too many questions. - Sargebri (2004)

    • Gordon and Sheila MacRae were married from May 21, 1941 until their divorce on April 15, 1967. Sheila's recent performance at the White House was discussed. At one point, Gordon accidently called John "Bennett." Of course, John made fun of the mistake. Then Gordon said, "I was thinking of Ginny and the babies." Evidently, John's wife Virginia Warren Daly went by the nickname Ginny Daly. - Suzanne (2004)

    • John told a really cute joke. In short: A sausage maker started using breadcrumbs in his sausage. A customer complained when he bit off the end of a sausage and it was all breadcrumbs. The sausage maker said, "These days, it's hard to make both ends meat." - Suzanne (2004)

    • Dorothy Watch: Dorothy looked and sounded great. It is incredibly sad watching these final appearances of hers, knowing she will die on November 8, 1965.

    • Tidbits: Bennett has returned from a 4 week vacation to Tel Aviv, Israel; Athens, Greece; and Madrid, Spain. Jack Jones is appearing at the "Persian Room" of the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

    • Jack Jones (b. 1/14/1938)

      Panel: Arlene Francis, Jack Jones, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf.

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