What's My Line?

Season 17 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 07, 1965 on CBS



  • Notes

    • ESPN's "Lost Treasures of NFL Films" reports that Elinor Kaine was the first woman to write extensively about pro football. Kaine blazed the trail for the modern day female football reporters by successfully suing the NFL for the right to cover a 1974 Jets-Giants game at the Yale Bowl from the male-only press box at Yale Stadium. In that game, the Jets won in an exciting 26-20 overtime victory over the Giants. "People tell me I was ahead of my time because there was nobody reporting who was female." said Kaine. "I wrote about it as a writer who was a fan, but the great communicator in me wanted to teach people how to have more fun watching the games." - Suzanne (2004)