What's My Line?

Season 17 Episode 29


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 20, 1966 on CBS



  • Notes

    • BLACKJACK!: After the opening contestants' game, they and the panel briefly discussed blackjack, including blackjack books such as Beat the Dealer. One of the sisters mentioned that the casinos were switching to a system of using more decks in the game. In today's casinos, a six-deck shoe is now considered standard. Nevertheless, due to the potentially lucrative nature of the game, various players have devised "cheating" systems, employing everything from "card-counting" to "dealer-tells" to "beat it," which have been discussed in books such as Bringing Down the House. Currently, blackjack played in tournaments is a popular option, seen in the GSN series World Series of Blackjack and Celebrity Blackjack. - agent_0042 (2007)