What's My Line?

Season 17 Episode 30


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 27, 1966 on CBS



  • Notes

    • REVIEW: Anytime the prodigal son Steve comes home, it is a special occasion. However, tonight was even more special because not only there were two mystery guests, but also the panel scored a perfecto. In the first mystery guest round of the night, Arlene correctly identified John's fellow newsman, "CBS Evening News" anchor Walter Cronkite. Among the topics John and "Uncle Walter" discussed were their days as war correspondents during World War II as well as the recent Gemini mission. Steverino got into the act in the second game, which was the only regular game of the evening, as he correctly guessed that the young lady from Woodland Hills, California was an employee of the Internal Revenue Service. Of course, this could have been seen as the yearly reminder for the audience in the theater and at home that April 15th was fast approaching and that there was less than a month to go until the dreaded tax deadline would be upon them. Bennett put the cap on the perfect evening as he correctly identified the second mystery guest of the evening, Art Carney. Art was on the show to promote his return to the "Jackie Gleason Show" as well as the upcoming television special he would be appearing on, "The World of Mike Nichols." John and Art also reminisced about their days on the "March of Time" radio show in which John would discuss the news and Art would provide the comedy by imitating such world figures as Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. In fact, just before Art left the stage, he did a wonderful impersonation of Roosevelt. And that's the way it was, Sunday March 27, 1966. - Sargebri (2007)

      NEXT CANDIDATE!!! The latest lady to sit in Dorothy's position was Kirk Douglas' lovely wife Anne Buydens. Interestingly, she was only referred to as Mrs. Douglas and not by her first name. At the time of her appearance on the panel, Anne and Kirk were about to celebrate 12 years of marriage and, as of this writing, they have been married an incredible 50 years. - Sargebri (2007)

      AND THAT'S THE WAY IT IS: Walter Cronkite was in the middle of his run as anchor of the "CBS Evening News." His cool demeanor and incredible honesty made him one of the most trusted newsmen on television. However, there were a couple of times when he showed his emotion. The first time was when he had the unpleasant task of announcing the death of President John Kennedy. You could see his eyes well up as he was informing America of the tragedy. The second most famous incident was when he was announcing the landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon in July 1969. He definitely got caught up in the moment on that one. However, one time when he didn't lose his cool when he was giving his assessment of the growing stalemate in Vietnam in 1968. His brutal honesty on the situation might have been the moment when President Johnson decided that he would not run for reelection that year. - Sargebri (2007)

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