What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 1


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 04, 1966 on CBS



  • Notes

    • This is not only the end of an era of black and white, but it is also the beginning of the end. John poignantly explained that the show will begin shooting in color, and that it will also be moving from its current studio to a different CBS studio. The cast doesn't know it yet, but this was the beginning of the show's final season on network television. However, all that aside, this was a fun show, which is always the case when you add funnyman Buddy Hackett to the mix. The panel did have a rough time, though, because they didn't guess either the batgirl or the sponge diver. However, they did earn a gold star for identifying mystery guest Joey Bishop. Joey had been on the panel a couple of weeks earlier, and in years past had been a frequent guest panelist. In addition to clowning around with his close friend Buddy, he talked about his latest picture, "Who's Minding the Mint?" which would be released the following year. Besides Joey, the film featured Jim Hutton (the father of Oscar winner Timothy Hutton), Walter Brennan, Dorothy Provine, Milton Berle and Jack Gilford. By the way, the "Italian guy" Joey was talking about was none other than future "M*A*S*H" star Jamie Farr. Joey also elaborated on the story he told about the time that he was on the panel and Buddy fooled him by asking Joey for a ride to the airport, saying he was going to Chicago. Joey took Buddy to the airport, and then Buddy "secretly" came back into town for his mystery guest spot! He didn't name the date, but it was EPISODE #613 of May 13, 1962. In any event, even though the panel didn't have a good night, they left their old studio in style. - Sargebri (2004)