What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 2


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 11, 1966 on CBS



  • Notes

    • (1) TECH NOTES ABOUT "WML?" GOING COLOR: At the point "WML?" made the switch to color, the standard color camera in use by CBS in their network studios was the model PC-60 camera, manufactured by Philips under the "Norelco" brand name and used by the network since they started going color on a full-time basis in 1965. The camera was notable in that it used a new pickup tube called "Plumbicon" (30mm length) which provided a better picture than that elicited by image orthicon or vidicon tubes; although, at the outset, its picture was considered soft and lacking in detail when compared with the picture that came from RCA's TK-41 color cameras, CBS would later patent a device that increased the sharpness of the picture in the Norelco cameras. At the new studio where "WML?" would be based in its final season, the PC-60's were shielded with mumetal so as to counter the magnetic field from subway power transformers that were situated at the rear of the stage. On another level, the PC-60 was attractive to CBS because it wasn't manufactured by RCA, which owned rival network NBC at the time. It was for similar reasons that, in 1962-1963, when their older RCA TK-10 and TK-11 cameras came up for replacement, the network opted to equip their studios with Marconi Mark IV monochrome cameras manufactured in England - which was the main camera in use for the previous three seasons of "WML?" The other development in broadcast technology that tipped CBS's hand in moving towards color was the introduction, also in 1965, of Ampex's "high-band" VR-2000 quadruplex videotape recorder, which replaced the older VR-1000 and VR-1100 models that had been in use at CBS studios until then.
      (2) "WML" END CREDITS MODIFICATION AND CREW CHANGES: Though neither this episode nor the next remaining 46 editions of the network run of "WML?" exist in color videotape form, a clue as to one aspect of this final season in its original form can be found on the home page of a tribute to "WML?" in all its incarnations. Seen at the top of the home page are five title variations, the color "WHAT'S MY LINE?" title card with the cartoon detective holding a magnifying glass, at the bottom. The URL for the Jason Colflesh's website is as follows:


      The URL of the picture itself is as follows:


      As seen at the website above, the color background is light blue with white typesetting, which likely means that this light blue color was also used for the background of all the other end credit graphics. This particular graphic may well have been used as an ad bumper in at least the early years of the 1968-1975 syndicated version of "WML?"

      As for the end credit graphics themselves, a few important modifications have been made. The slide card graphic for director Franklin Heller is now represented by a cartoon director wearing jodhpurs and a beret, holding a megaphone in his hand. The caricature of the traffic cop holding a "Stop / Go" sign, which was once applicable to Heller's card, is now applied to the card showing associate director and program staff, while the man in the control room next to monitor images of himself, once applied to that card and the next one detailing production supervisor, technical director, audio and lighting director is now only applicable to the last graphic.

      While most of the credited crew remain in place with the switch to color and move to their new studio, a few new names appear for the first time tonight. Barbara Griff is now credited as program staff, a position that had not been seen in the end credits since EPISODE #806 of March 6, 1966, after which Alyce Finell, who was in that role previously, had left the program; while the post of production supervisor is now filled by Sid Sirulnick, who was first seen in that capacity in the final two live episodes of the prior season. Mr. Sirulnick essentially replaces Anthony Boschetti and James Murphy, who alternated over different weeks on most of the last season's shows (although prior to Mr. Sirulnick's first show, Milton A. "Milt" Myers had been in that post for a few episodes). Mr. Boschetti will go on to serve in that position in some episodes within the early years of the syndicated "WML?" - W-B (2006 & 2008)