What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 5


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Oct 02, 1966 on CBS



  • Notes

    • REVIEW: This was a pretty fun night for the panel as they went a respectable 2 for 3. Also, it was a special night as there were two mystery guests. In the first mystery guest round, Sue correctly identified Danny Kaye, who signed in as Sandy Koufax. Danny was on the show not only to gloat to Martin and John about the Los Angeles Dodgers who had just won the 1966 National League Pennant, but he also talked about the upcoming celebration in honor of his variety show reaching the 100 episode mark. To finish his mystery guest appearance, he talked about his annual promotional tour in support of UNICEF. In the only regular game of the night, the panel failed to guess that the rather attractive young lady from New York was a chimpanzee trainer. In the second mystery guest round of the night, Sue once again was successful as she correctly identified Connecticut Senator Abe Ribicoff. The senator spoke about his friendship with John Daly and also talked about a highway safety program. With sincere affection, John said that the senator was a gentleman and a great friend. After the final commercial break, John announced that the show would be preempted the next week and that the panel would be getting a well deserved vacation. - Sargebri (2008)

      SENATOR RIBICOFF VS MAYOR DALEY!!! As John mentioned, Senator Ribicoff was one of the most respected figures on the American political scene. However, a couple of years later, he would become a figure of disrespect, stemming from an incident with one of his own party members, Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago. At the infamous 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Senator Ribicoff was one of the keynote speakers. During his speech, Ribicoff criticized Daley for the Chicago Police Department's treatment of the student protesters who had come to Chicago to protest the Vietnam War. During his speech, the senator described the police's use of force as "Gestapo tactics." When Daley heard this, he tried to shout the senator down and many people thought that he uttered an obscenity in his direction by allegedly calling him "a f****r." However, the mayor's supporters said that he called Ribicoff "a faker." Nevertheless, the damage had been done and the incident showed the deep divisions in the Democratic party and helped to contribute to Republican Richard Nixon's being elected as president later that November. - Sargebri (2008)